What’s Next for Ripple XRP? All You Need to Know!

The SEC has charged Gemini and Genesis for the unregistered offer and sale of crypto asset securities through the Gemini Earned Lending Program. The SEC has been critical of US lending programs for crypto assets, and this action highlights that crypto exchanges are in its crosshairs. In other news, John Deaton, a well-known lawyer in the Ripple vs SEC case, has made some predictions for 2023, including not settling until a decision is made by Judge Torres, an exchange being sued for selling unregistered securities, investigation into Sam Begman’s fraud meetings, and Gensler resigning before the end of the year.

H2: Introduction
With a lot of ongoing developments, we are here again with another update on Ripple XRP and SEC case. There are various interesting points that are coming up, which shows how the market is shaping up for the future.

H2: John Deaton’s Predictions
John Deaton, who is a well-known lawyer in the Ripple versus SEC case, shared some predictions for the year 2023. According to him, the Ripple case will not settle unless Judge Torres makes a decision. An exchange or maybe more than one will be sued for selling unregistered securities. The investigation of Sam Begman Freed’s fraud meetings will uncover more significant issues, and Gary Gensler will resign before the end of the year.

H2: Gemini and Genesis Charged
The SEC charged Gemini and Genesis for selling unregistered securities through the Gemini earned lending program. The earn lending program has been a hot topic at the SEC, as the agency is not in favor of U.S Lending programs of this crypto sort. It took a while for the SEC to go after the parties, which indicates that Genesis might not have been in the best situation.

H2: SEC Lawsuit against Gemini
The major issue that is being worked out currently in the SEC lawsuit against Gemini is whether Hinman’s email should be kept private. This is the most hot topic in the lawsuit right now. The involvement of Gary Gensler in this case is also under scrutiny.

H2: Gary Gensler’s Take on Crypto
According to Gensler, most of the existing cryptos will crash at some point, bearing painful losses to investors. He reckons that most of the 10,000-20,000 tokens available will fail. However, he does not take utility into account, which is the primary reason for microcurrencies being in demand.

H2: SEC’s Role in Crypto Market
The SEC is trying to regulate the crypto market as the agency understands the importance of this emerging market. The agency wants to dismiss everything, as there is a high chance that crypto is going to spiral out of control if harsh measure is not taken.

H2: SEC’s Lawsuit against Gemini is Lame
The public spat between Genesis and Gemini suggests that investors are unable to withdraw their crypto assets. The SEC has been trying to make it clear to the marketplace and the investing public that crypto lending platforms and other intermediaries need to comply with time-tested security laws.

H2: Conclusion
In conclusion, the market is shaping up for the future. The SEC is trying to regulate the crypto market, and the ongoing case between Ripple XRP and SEC is getting complicated. Investors are trying to make the most out of this situation with various predictions made by analysts.

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