“Stunning News: Billionaire Pleads with Fed to Halt Rate Increases! Urgent Viewing Required Before Tomorrow!”

In the latest episode of Good Morning Crypto, the discussion revolved around the upcoming decision by the Federal Reserve on whether to raise interests rates. Many in the financial world are calling for a pause, including Bill Ackman who argues that the economy is already broken and the banks are wrecked. Meanwhile, traditional banks are attacking crypto, with new regulations in Belgium requiring a warning on cryptocurrency adverts that the only guarantee in crypto is risk. However, the speakers argue that the same disclaimers should be applied to fiat and banks, which are collapsing. Despite being criticized, cryptocurrency is surviving, and Bitcoin is predicted to be the only survivor in 10 or 20 years.


Everlife welcomes viewers to another episode of Good Morning Crypto. In this episode, we discuss the possibility of the FED raising rates and the financial world’s reluctance to see it happen.

Bill Ackman Says “Pause”

Bill Ackman suggests that the FED should pause raising rates because the economy is broken, and banks are in trouble. The effects of current economic conditions have not fully manifested, like the delayed reaction of sound after seeing lightning.

The Financial World in Unchartered Territory

The financial world is in uncharted territory, and as a result, many are asking questions about the actions of the FED. In Belgium, there is a new regulation that requires cryptocurrency ads to contain the disclaimer: “the only guarantee for cryptocurrency is risk.” However, the risk from the banking sector is not always disclosed.

Banking Spaces Attack on Crypto

The banking sector is attacking cryptocurrencies, implying that it is retail investors who are collapsing the banking system. Bankers position themselves as sophisticated individuals void of any financial illiteracy associated with their counterparts trading in cryptocurrencies, which they casually dismiss. However, they fail to acknowledge the inherent risk of FIAT currency and the banking system itself.

Crypto Is Here to Stay

Despite the patronizing attitude towards cryptocurrencies, they continue to survive and thrive. In contrast, banks are facing unprecedented troubles that could eventually lead to their downfall. As the adage goes, “the person who laughs last, laughs best.” So if staying power is an indication of survival, then it appears that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are well-positioned to survive for the long haul.

All about Altcoins and Digital Stuff

After an overview of the market, the focus shifted to altcoins and the power of Morales money to rank them accurately. The use of these rankings allows traders to trade different time frames and make informed decisions about market moves.

Buy Bit Sponsorship

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The Fed Looms Large

The FED will make its first move after the banking crisis by raising interest rates. There are three possible outcomes; they either raise, lower, or keep the rates the same. The FED’s credibility is at stake, and each option would have a significant impact.

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