Metacade to Expand Trading Reach to 9 Million Users by Listing on CEX and BitMart

Metacade, the first community arcade for Web3 gaming, is set to list its token, MCADE, on BitMart, a centralised exchange that caters to over 9 million users worldwide. The listing will allow registered BitMart users to buy, sell and trade the MCADE tokens from 20 April onwards. The token’s strong momentum becomes evident by the success of its $16.4m pre-sale, followed by a 250 million token 6-month staking pool, which sold out within five hours. Metacade’s MCADE token has an average daily trading volume of around $500,000 since launch, with a diluted market cap of over $35m. The project attained blockchain auditor CertiK’s approval and has partnered with gaming company MetaStudio, raising significant buzz among GameFi investors.

After Uniswap’s successful listing, Metacade aims to continue its positive price appreciation with BitMart’s listing, followed by another top-tier exchange, MEXC, in early May. Metacade’s one-stop-shop model for P2E gamers and its broad range of other use cases have made it a potential GameFi hub of choice. Metacade aims to offer its users various ways to generate revenue, build careers in Web3 and connect with a broader gaming community. The project is also focused on passing Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, ensuring the safety and transparency of the project specifications and codes. Metacade stated that it would expect more exchange listings in the following months.

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