“Get Ready for the Next Bull Run: A Major Web 3 Player is Set to Explode!”

The video discusses Theta Network, a mid-cap gem that can compete with big names like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook in blockchain-based video streaming. The network has a strong fundamental team, has been around for some time, and peaked at a market cap of $13 billion. The project is building continuously, has easily accessible exchanges, and genuine partnerships with big entertainment, media, and technology companies. Theta coin offers governance abilities and can be used as gas fees, and there are opportunities to stake and receive passive income. The founders have a history in gaming, video advertising, and virtual reality, making the project unique with its decentralized video streaming data delivery and edge computing.

Theta Network: A Mid-Cap Gym That Could Go Bigger

What’s up everybody and welcome back to the Crypto Gym Hunters channel! In this video, we’re going to be talking about a mid-cap gym that we think can definitely go bigger than what it currently is right now, and that gym is Theta Network.

Theta Network – Video Streaming on the Blockchain

Essentially, Theta Network is video streaming on the blockchain. They’re trying to compete with the likes of Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook streaming. Everything that you would see streaming wise, obviously there are other competitors out there, but those are the bigger names that you would think about when you talk about video streaming. Except, they’re on the blockchain.

Great Fundamentals and a Great Team

They’ve got some seriously good fundamentals, they’ve got a great team, the project has been around for a while, and it was exposed to the previous bull market and it hit a market cap of around 13 billion dollars. So, you would expect that it’s going to do more or less the same if you compare it to other solid projects. You know, even look at Bitcoin, it’s always after forming itself in the next Bull Run, and we think the same is going to happen to Theta, which is fantastic. And right now, it’s probably a really good buying opportunity for yourself.

Let’s Dive into Some Details

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Theta is Pretty Busy Building All the Time

Jumping into Theta, they are pretty busy. They’re building all the time and that’s another thing that I like to see; they’re continuously improving. Their website looks fantastic. So, those are just some of the main website shares just some of the detail about it. If we’re going to have a look a bit more about it, you can actually see where you can get the coin itself. So, Binance is a really big one, you can grab it on KuCoin, who will be so Crypto.com, so some pretty big exchanges which I do like. You know that means that it’s pretty easily accessible.

Theta’s Partners

The roadmap probably does need to be updated a bit more. You can see that the blast was really updated in 2022. But they are pretty active on their socials as well, so even though this isn’t getting updated as often as it should, it’s not the end of the world because you can see the progress that they’re making on their socials which is great. Also, another thing that I wanted to touch on with this project is the partners. A lot of these crypto companies, if they have an article that goes out, they said as a partner, but these are genuine partners. So, you can see video technology partners G Fuel. If a lot of you do watch video streamers, you’ll know that G Fuel is quite a big energy drink within the industry. Failarmy also quite a well-known name. If we go down to some of the media and content partners, I mean these are massive movie companies right here Lionsgate, MGN, even working with NASA, Katy Perry, American Idol, Samsung, Sony, you know some massive massive names when it comes to the entertainment industry.

Theta’s Price

Let’s have a look at some of the other media and technology parts in the Samsung, Sony, Google as well another big one, and we can keep blockchain. It’s a Binance coin or based on the Binance smart chain so that’s obviously why it will be listed there. Institutional investors, these are just some of the obviously the Venture capitalists and so on that invested in the project right at the beginning, engaged in their big break basically. If we actually have a look here at the price of the coin, one dollar I think it’s pretty good point to start getting in. I don’t think it’s going to go much lower. We did see that it possibly did a little while ago; it went to 96 cents. So, you know, you start DCA into the coin now, you buy a little bit, see where it goes, don’t throw everything all at once, go a little bit by little bit, and you’ll do well if you average out at a dollar between 95 cents in a dollar.

Theta’s All-Time High

We can take a look at its last highest, like I said, was probably around $13 so it would have had a market cap of about $16 billion, which is fantastic because obviously, with its total supply, one billion cap would have been at 16. So, from here, even if it goes back to its all-time high, you’re looking at a 16X as a minimum. I know it’s an actual mess of 100X, your 50X whatever, but let me tell you that in the India 20X as a minimum, you’re doing very very well, and this project is solid. So, you never know. It’s sitting in the top thereabouts in the top 50 at the moment, there you go 49, and it’ll probably make the top 20. So, we could see it do a 30X from here pretty easily, we would think.

What Makes Theta Unique?

What makes it unique? It’s business concept itself, it’s the decentralized video streaming data delivery and edge computing making it more efficient, cost-effective, and fear-free for industry participants. It runs on a native blockchain with two tokens Theta and Theta fuel powering the economy. The Theta coin gives you a lot of governance ability within the network, and obviously, you can use it as gas fees as well. You do have the opportunity to stake and get some passive income, which is pretty cool.

Founders Who Understand the Product

The founders have Ducks themselves, again something that I love when it comes to these projects is that you know who the team is and what they’re about, what their backgrounds are. So, we have Mitch Liu and Jay Long. Liu has a history in the gaming and video industry and co-founding video advertising firm Techjoy Mobile, social gaming Star to have Game View Studios, and obviously Theater TV, the live streaming platform whose def was the first to be built on the protocol lung. The second co-founder and CTO he found multi-year experience in design automatic automation, gaming virtual reality, large-scale distributed systems. He authored multiple po review academic papers and all the various patterns and video game video streaming blockchain and virtual reality. So, two guys really really understand what the product is about, what they’re trying to get to their customers.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Theta Network is definitely worth the investment, especially since it is still in its developmental phase. With Theta, you can expect a solid project, great fundamentals, and a fantastic team behind it. So, what are you waiting for? Jump onto any of the major exchanges, grab yourself some Theta tokens at a good entry point and hodl for the win.


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