“Discover What’s New in My 25K Portfolio!”

Two coins have experienced a decrease of 7-8.5% for the week, without significant change over the last 24 hours. Taking advantage of this, a portfolio of 2800 and 2500 will be split between both coins respectively, with the coins being Chainlink and Iota.

Take Advantage: Adding Two Coins to Our Portfolio

As investors, we always look for opportunities to invest in coins that have great potential for growth. Today, we bring you two coins that have been down between seven to eight and a half percent for the week, and they haven’t moved much over the last 24 hours. We believe these two coins hold great promise for the future, and we’re going to add them to our portfolio.

The Two Coins

The first coin we’re going to add to our portfolio is IOTA (IOT). IOTA is a cryptocurrency that uses a unique technology called Tangle, which provides fast and secure transactions with no fees. It’s a cryptocurrency that aims to become the standard for the Internet of Things (IoT) and has partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies.

The other coin we’re adding to our portfolio is Chainlink (LINK). Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects smart contracts on the blockchain to real-world data and events. It’s a project that aims to bridge the gap between the blockchain world and traditional industries.

Portfolio Allocation

We believe that these two coins have great potential for growth in the future, and we’re going to add them to our portfolio. We’re going to split the investment between the two coins, with 2800 dollars going into IOTA and 2500 dollars going into Chainlink.


As investors, we have to be agile and take advantage of the opportunities that the market presents us. In this case, we believe that IOTA and Chainlink are two coins that can provide significant returns in the long run. We encourage you to do your own research and determine if these coins are suitable for your portfolio. If you decide to invest, we wish you all the best in your investment journey.

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