Discover the Top 3 Crypto Tokens to Watch – All Built on XRP!

The author identifies the top three crypto tokens built on the XRP Ledger that they are watching, as they believe XRP will have mainstream adoption. The first is XRP Healthcare, which recently announced a partnership with the United Networks of America, focusing on healthcare. The next is ExPecto, which offers a full-scale token, NFT, and metaverse service. The third is not specified, but the author states they are bullish on the projects already built on XRP. The content is not sponsored.

on this one specifically it is the Flare Network which has already announced partnerships with top crypto projects like Litecoin and Dogecoin so let’s dive into each of these tokens and why I am keeping a close eye on them.

XRP Healthcare

XRP Healthcare is a newer project built on top of the XRP Ledger and is focused on bringing innovation to the healthcare industry. The project recently announced a massive partnership with the United Networks of America, which is a healthcare provider network with over 31,000 healthcare providers across the United States. XRP Healthcare aims to use the XRP Ledger as the backbone of their platform and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology to bring transparency and efficiency to the healthcare industry.


Expector is a multi-faceted project built on top of the XRP Ledger, offering everything from tokens, NFTs, and even a metaverse. This project aims to offer a unique and exciting experience for users, while also leveraging the benefits of the XRP Ledger to bring fast and efficient transactions to their platform. While still in the early stages of development, Expector is definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.

Flare Network

Lastly, we have the Flare Network, which has already established itself as a major player in the crypto world. The Flare Network is building a smart contract platform on top of the XRP Ledger, which will allow for the development of decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing the XRP Ledger. The Flare Network has already announced partnerships with top crypto projects like Litecoin and Dogecoin, and it is highly likely that more partnerships will be announced in the future. The Flare Network is definitely a major player to watch in the coming years.

In conclusion, while XRP is currently in my top three holdings, the projects built on top of the XRP Ledger are also worth keeping a close eye on. XRP Healthcare, Expector, and the Flare Network all offer unique and innovative solutions built on top of the XRP Ledger, and I believe that they have the potential to be major players in the crypto world in the coming years. As always, it is important to do your own research and make informed decisions when investing in crypto projects.

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