Discover the Insane 100X Potential of This Lowcapgem and More!

The live stream discusses Singularity net and its potential to be realized by the masses. Ben Gertz has been developing AI for a long time, making Singularity net a strong trend in AI. Shopping IO is another gem discussed, with potential for 100x, 200x, 300x, or even 400x if $5.7 million is invested into it. Shopping pay, the extension and the shop first are the three main components of Shopping IO, with the extension allowing people to buy products with discounts of up to 50% using crypto. Krom is another gem with potential for a 50x return, and $75 million needed for it to do so. It is on Uniswap and Mexi Global with a spread on KuCoin.

The Gems we’re looking at today

Hello everyone, welcome to this live stream! Today we’re going to be looking at a plethora of different gems. We’re going to be talking about a few projects that went absolutely to the moon very recently.

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The charts

Let’s get the charts up so we can discuss a few different things. I’ll also need to get the comments up on my phone because I am not at my home where I can get it up on my second monitor.

Singularity Net

Singularity Net went absolutely insane. Yes, it went absolutely insane. It did about a full actual money had you bought roughly right before the 5th of January. If you bought before the 5th of January, which I’m pretty sure all of you guys did, you would be up about 4X your money.

Shopping IO

The next gem I wanted to talk about was Shopping IO. This is a gem, guys. I talked about it, I made a video about it. There’s about $60k liquidity, which is very, very low meaning if you guys would like Shopping IO to do 100x your money, all there needs to be invested is another $5.7 million dollars, which is tiny guys.

Chrome (KROM)

Let’s have a look at Chrome. It is up 16.8% today. There is about upwards of 1.5 million dollars in liquidity in this project. A 50x from this point would put the market cap at about $250 million. It’s a great gem.


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