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The speaker plans to deploy 250 out of 650 on the sidelines, with $150 going into existing coins such as Beef and Ada. The remaining $100 will be divided equally among the last 100, and they plan to add XRP to their portfolio. The speaker anticipates East Cardano, XRP, Polygon, and a fourth coin (not specified) leading their charge in the next Bull Run.

Deploying 250 on the Sidelines

If you are a cryptocurrency investor, you must have come across the term “sidelines.” Sidelines are the assets that you keep aside from your regular portfolio for special investments. According to a recent YouTube script, the investor has $650 in sidelines and plans to deploy $250 of that amount.

Investment Destination

The plan is to invest $150 into the existing coins of Beef and Ada. The remaining $100 will be invested in a new coin. In simpler words, they will invest $75 in each of the last 100 coins, and the remaining $25 will go towards the purchase of a new coin.

The New Addition – XRP

The immediate plan is to include XRP into the portfolio, which was not present earlier. It is essential to note that XRP is the one significant coin that the investor lacked in their investment portfolio.

The Preferred Coins

While the plan is to include XRP, it is important to understand that it is not the only coin the investor would put their money on. According to the investor, four leading coins are going to dominate the market in the upcoming bull run, which are:

1. East Cardano: A platform that aims to solve problems associated with smart contracts and decentralized apps.

2. XRP: A cryptocurrency aimed at supporting global payments.

3. Polygon: A protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

4. The newly added coin, which can be any of the last 100 coins.


The crypto market is vast and complex. Having a clear investment plan in place is crucial for any investor. While the value of cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile, they remain an exciting avenue for investment. With a keen eye and an excellent investment strategy, it is possible to benefit from this rapidly evolving market.

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