What Happens When $74.5M Worth of VOLT Gets Burned in Just 5 Days?

Vaults in You, a crypto project, has a high-value burn taking place over the next few days. The project is also introducing utility such as the voltage change widget and bringing on numerous partners daily. The project is transparent, and a total of 44.85 trillion worth $74 million has been burned over five days. There is also talk of a Polygon listing in two weeks, and various adoptions are happening within the community. Vaults in You is focused on helping the crypto market move forward, and they are working with more than 89 projects.


Hey everyone, we’re back again to talk about one of my favorite crypto projects, Vaults in You! Today, we’ll discuss the upcoming burn and some utility updates which are making this project an exciting one to watch.

The Burn

The upcoming burn is definitely creating some buzz among investors. The burn will be happening over the next couple of days, and they have a high value towards that, which is going to be really awesome for the health of this project. As of four hours ago, Vault 44.85 trillion worth 74 million has been earned over five days. This burn will significantly boost the daily burn rate even before we see a bull run volume. For more details on the burn, check out the Voltoshi’s message, the centralized information adoption.

Utility Updates

Vaults in You has been constantly updating its utility features. One of the most notable updates is the addition of the volta range widget, which has been added to the website in its first month. The team has been collaborating with over 89 projects, and they’re continuously bringing more partners on board, which is exciting. They’re doing a lot of great things with other projects, tapping into their network, and benefiting them. For more information on the volta range widget, check out voltachange.net.


Vaults in You has a strong community that is always looking out for each other. They’re not just helping themselves but other projects as well, which is commendable. Their community has been growing, and they have been delivering on their promises, such as the recent burn, which has already been completed. Vaults in You is definitely causing a lot of hype, and if you haven’t heard about them yet, you’re sure to hear about them soon.


Overall, Vaults in You is one my favorite projects, and I will continue to talk about it. They are constantly updating their utility features, collaborating with other projects, and delivering on their promises. If you’re interested in supporting them, please join their community and follow along with their updates.

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