“Unveiling the Story of Ben Beath: The Creative Mind behind BattleFly, Play 2 Earn Game & TreasuryDAO in Blockchain Interviews”

On the Crypto Coin Show, Ben Beef, creator of Battlefly, discussed how they are using blockchain and DeFi to upgrade games and bring financial growth to gamers. Battlefly aims to be one of the first low-cost entry and high-volume mass market DeFi games to combine strategy with yield competition. They are also building game-fi infrastructure to help power their treasury and other projects. Battlefly Racer, an interactive arcade-style game, will launch soon. The main game, which will come out later, is a DeFi strategy game where users take on 99 other Battleflies in the hyperdome, with yield and loss based on performance. Battlefly uses a third-party token called Magic to power the game.

Battlefly: Upgrading the Gaming Industry through Blockchain and DeFi

The gaming industry has been rapidly growing, and now it is becoming revolutionized through blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi). This is where Battlefly comes in, a gaming platform that aims to bring financial inclusion and growth for its players.

Introducing Ben Beef, the Creator of Battlefly

In an interview with Ashton Addison from Block West Capital for InvestmentPitch Media, Ben Beef, the creator of Battlefly, shared his vision and plans for the gaming platform.

The Battlefly Platform

Battlefly is an ambitious game that is currently in its sixth month of development. The platform aims to be one of the first low-cost, high-volume, mass-market DeFi games that combines strategy, depth of gameplay, and competition for yield. It is also centered on financial growth and ownership for players who can actually play games.

The platform is built on a game-fi infrastructure designed to power the treasury of Battlefly and other projects in the future. This will help speed up other project’s development process and increase their efficiency.

The Two Games That Battlefly Offers

Battlefly offers two games to its users; the first game is a fun arcade-style interactive game called Battlefly Racer, which will launch in the next couple of weeks. The second game is a DeFi strategy game where players take a butterfly NFT and start building the best butterfly they can with the 250 mods available.

Once the player thinks that they have the best butterfly, they can enter the Hyperdome, which is the combat arena. There, they will compete against 99 other players to win some of their opponent’s magic. Players will pay an entry fee to stake in the Hyperdome. Successful players will gain some of their opponent’s magic, while unsuccessful ones will lose some.

The Magic Token

To make their game sustainable, enjoyable, and playable without flooding early adopters with rewards, Battlefly chose not to create its token. Instead, they use a third-party token called Magic, which is the token of Treasure DAO, an ecosystem of over 100 projects building cartridges for the new metaverse. Battlefly is one of those cartridges that use Magic to power its game.

The Future of Battlefly

Casting ahead over the next three years, Battlefly intends to expand its platform and offer even more games to its users. Yet, for now, the gaming platform is focused on delivering a sustainable and fun DeFi gaming experience while prioritizing gameplay over rewards.

In conclusion, Battlefly is set to revolutionize the gaming industry by introducing blockchain technology and DeFi to games. With its fun and interactive games, transparent economy, and sustainable ecosystem, it is a platform to watch and play.

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