Partnered with Amazon and Oracle: The Hidden Crypto Project

0Chain, a blockchain solutions provider, has been linked with major players in cloud computing such as Oracle and Amazon Web Services. Oracle is officially backing 0Chain and Phil Castillo, Oracle’s Group Vice President, has endorsed 0Chain’s Blockchain as a Service (BAAS) and storage solutions hosted on Oracle’s world-class cloud platform. The company has plans to launch its mainnet, called Fuji, in Q1 2021. The platform utilises a unique tokenomics model, where users can stake their tokens to access services while also yielding returns, making 0Chain an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to make daily profits in the crypto space.

Opportunities come once in a lifetime, or so they say, but here at BitBoy Crypto, we like to defy the odds and bring our viewers potential to earn in this market daily. Today, we’ve uncovered something huge, an understatement you’ll soon see. Stick around to find out why this coin can bring life-changing wealth with just a small investment.

Introducing 0Chain (ZCN): A Project Primed for Success

We are diving deep down the blockchain conspiracy rabbit hole today. Let’s get started! 0Chain, also known as ZCN, is a project that has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s primed to make a run. BitSquad Bob, a frequent watcher of this channel, gave us a monumental tip on an old gem, indicating a partnership with Oracle.

Partnerships with Oracle and Amazon Web Services

ZCN has partnerships with Oracle, AWS, and later partnered with Oracle’s blockchain. Oracle officially backed 0Chain, a top 100 corporation by revenue in the US, allowing their customers to leverage their Blockchain as a Service or BAAS and storage solutions hosted on their world-class cloud platform used by thousands of customers.

ZCN isn’t just partnered with Oracle; they’re also partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a partner network. AWS engaged in a joint investment in ZCN’s development process, investing resources to build their current global Devnet on a multinode AWS environment.

Integrated into Oracle’s Blockchain as a Technology Solution

0Chain is integrated into Oracle’s blockchain as a technology solution together with Chainlink, the crypto associated with LINK Marines. Both LINK and 0Chain are involved in a partnership of sorts which seems to have gone under the radar. 0Chain wants to provide Hyperledger Fabric customers with a solution to use 0Chain dStorage as a trusted party for file-based transactions that require data validation. There are several use cases for multi-party transactions involving documents in various verticals.

Best Tokenomics in Crypto

This leads us to one of the best tokenomics in crypto: staking for access. Overall, the partnership between ZCN, Oracle, and AWS seems promising, indicating that ZCN is primed for success.

Finally, we have a potential brewing partnership with Ocean Protocol, enhancing ZCN’s already impressive partnerships. So, if you’re looking for a long-term play, 0Chain is worth considering. Bet on the technology, bet on the team, and bet on the potential, and you may reap the benefits of being an early adopter.

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