“Exciting Ripple XRP News: Potential for Significant Growth in XRPL with Arbitrum Scandal Uncovered”

Crypto holders are in a good position as the dollar seems to be in trouble, as most US banks are near insolvency or fully insolvent. Some major banks are pushing the narrative of ditching crypto to keep money within their systems, though many believe buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is safer. The author recommends buying XRP, chain link, HBAR, E-gold, IOTA, XDC, and QNT. Additionally, there is a trend towards private CBDC ledgers, which allows for faster innovation while protecting actual value through mainnet collateralization. There are rumors of a huge xdc listing, and the author believes that, if central banks trust Ripple, it will bring a lot of attention and seriousness to the XRP Ledger.

Why Cryptocurrency Holders are in a Good Position Right Now

Crypto Beats Dollar

As the US banks face insolvency and fears over bankruptcy grow, investors are looking at cryptocurrency as a safer option than the traditional banking system. The ties to the dollar that once ensured its dominant status are loosening, and many investors see cryptocurrency as the future.

Banks Push Back Against Crypto

Despite the benefits of cryptocurrency, some major banks are attempting to dissuade their clients from investing in it. However, this resistance may be a last-ditch effort to keep money inside their own systems as opposed to letting it flow into cryptocurrency, which they view as a potential threat.

April is a Bullish Month for Crypto

As the banks struggle, cryptocurrency is seeing a surge in popularity. April is a traditionally bullish month for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin’s 12-year seasonality pattern suggests that it is likely to continue its upward trend. Many investors are seeing this as the perfect opportunity to buy into crypto.

Top Crypto Picks

Investors are favoring certain cryptocurrencies over others. XRP, Chainlink, HBAR, LGR, e-GOLD, IOTA, XDC, and QNT are becoming increasingly popular. Of these, Chainlink and HBAR are seen as having the best potential due to their strong partnerships and institutional backing.

CBDCs and Private Ledgers

Many investors are discussing the importance of Ripple’s private CBDC Ledger, a newly created ledger that allows for a private network of peer-to-peer servers running CBDC ledger software. This ledger, based on the open-source XRP Ledger codebase, provides a secure and efficient way to protect value while still allowing organizations and governments to innovate quickly and safely.

Insider Views on XRP

Investors often ask insiders for their views on XRP. However, the reality is that only the judge and her staff will know the outcome of the SEC lawsuit against Ripple before it is publicly announced. Despite this, many investors see XRP as a strong contender and continue to invest in it.

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