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Iconic Coast is a metaverse company built on the Cardano blockchain, providing users with the ability to interact with their own metaverse, purchase digital assets, and build their own social networks within the other planet. The company’s platform is accessible through passports or tradable NFTs, creating an innovative space for e-commerce, gaming, learning, socializing, and dating. Iconic Coast has a supply of 3248 Genesis passports available for purchase, with a limited number currently listed on the marketplace. The company also offers a tiered white list and discounts on future drops for passport holders, as well as an ICO chat podcast format for informative updates and community engagement.

Exploring Iconic Coast: The Future of Metaverse Technology


Cryptocurrency and metaverse technology have been rapidly gaining momentum over the past few years. However, Iconic Coast has managed to take this to a whole new level. This major metaverse platform, built on the Cardano blockchain, is disrupting traditional models of entertainment, e-commerce, learning, and much more.

What is Iconic Coast?

Iconic Coast is a planet similar to Earth, but it is home to aliens who require human emotional energy to survive. In turn, humans benefit from the technological advancements of these aliens. The platform is accessible through passports or tradable NFTs, and provides countless opportunities for users to interact with their metaverse and create visionary avatars.

Top 2022 Project

Iconic Coast is indeed one of the top projects to keep an eye on in 2022. It is innovating the cryptocurrency and metaverse spaces, bringing nfts and web3 technology to the forefront of the industry.


The founder and CEO of Iconic Coast is Mr. Mohamed Vasiff, a visionary who dedicates his time to accelerating the execution of his ideas for future technologies. There’s also Chatty Gerrage Venith SV as the Chief Operations Officer, and Jirish Nathani, the Chief Technology Officer.


Iconic Coast advertises its marketplace through advertisements, including the ability to purchase Iconico’s Genesis passports. The supply for these passports is limited, with only 3248 available, so it’s recommended to grab yours while they last.

Ico Chat

Iconic Coast has also started a podcast-style series called “Ico Chat,” where they invite members of their community to discuss updates, projects, and innovations happening behind the scenes. In each episode, the team provides information about what’s new with the project, and they welcome guest speakers from their community.

Iconic Coast Genesis Passport Collection Perks

One of the most exciting perks of the Iconic Coast Genesis Passport Collection is tiered white lists. Each tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) will receive a range of benefits, such as guaranteed mint, discounts, and white-listing on any future drops.


Iconic Coast is a forward-thinking project that will undoubtedly change the way we think about cryptocurrency and metaverse technology. It is a compelling example of what’s possible when these technologies are brought together innovatively. We highly recommend exploring Iconic Coast, learning about its founders, and tuning into their Ico Chat series for more insights.

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