Discover the Newest Titano Fork: RoboCat Coin! Join the Fairlaunch Now and Meet the Doxxed Registered Team with the Highest APY on BSC! Get Rich with RoboCat!

The video discusses a new cryptocurrency called Robocat that has just started its fair launch. It is described as an auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol that does all the hard work for the investor. The APY is said to be over 1 million and the audit is by auto tech rate. The cryptocurrency has a fully KYC verified team and is registered with the UK government. The cryptocurrency is designed to offer long-term sustainability and stability. It also contains a token burn feature to reduce supply. A swap platform and DAPP are also available, and the social media links are included. The video is not financial advice.


What’s up you guys Jim Crypto here and I’m back with an exciting brand new cryptocurrency that’s definitely gonna bring you guys amazing passive income.

The Robocat

This is one of those auto staking and auto company protocols that does all the hard work for you. If you guys love titano and safu, you guys are gonna love this project. This is the amazing and brand new Robocat, where robot meets the cat, and it’s the deadliest cat on the Binance march.

Fair Launch

Robocat is having a fair launch that just started a few hours ago, which ends in a little bit over four days. So, you guys definitely want to get into it right now. Be sure to launch this on Pancake Swap, as it’s definitely gonna be more expensive. The official end time is April 17th at 14:41 UTC time, and these are one of these titanoforce guys in which they have a small soft cap as you see right here just 50 BMB and the sky is really the limit.

Auto-staking and Auto-compounding

This cryptocurrency has the highest auto staking APY (Annual Percentage Yield) that the speaker has seen in a long time—over 1 million. The audit is by Auto Tech Rate, and liquidity is locked for 1,000 days with KYC and audit. Therefore, this is a legit company in the UK with the following history information and people or following officers, so that’s always good to have a fully kyc verified team.


Robocat insurance fund is going to help with price stability and long-term stability, and this cryptocurrency is going to keep you guys safe. Percent of the trading fees is stored on the robocat insurance fund, avoiding flash crashes, achieving long-term sustainability, and the future growth of the safety protocol. There’s also going to be a burn of 2.5 percent of the trade amount in the fire pit, which will reduce the supply. This is all covered right here in the tokenomics for the Robocat, and you also have two percent for the treasury on purchases and eight percent on the sales for the treasury, which is always a good thing.

Robocat D App

There is a Robocat D App that will activate after it goes live. You’ll be able to see all the stats for the cryptocurrency, use the calculator to calculate how much potential income you can make in passive income on the Binance Merchant, and BNB. They also have a swap platform so that you guys can buy your token, and this will be available on pancake swap point charts, so you are good to go.

Social Media Links

Of course, you have the social media links to join Robocat, one of the highest APYs in crypto for auto-compounding and auto-staking. Liquidity is locked for 1,000 days, KYC, and audit. This is actually one of the few fair launches that actually has KYC, and it’s actually a registered professional company in the UK – because a lot of them are anonymous and do exception well. Take a look at the white paper for the latest updates and go over how the APY is calculated and the beauty of mathematics because it uses like auto-compounding.

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