Discover the Mind-Blowing Power of Neo Cortex AI – The Ultimate Launchpad for AI Technology and Cryptocurrency Advancements!

Neocortex AI aims to connect the world of AI with blockchain and offers cutting-edge AI projects, AI Bots, multi-AI index pools with DCA feature, and AI swaps. The project has already gained 12.6k followers on Twitter and features in several top-six token sales lists. Neocortex AI offers marketing and technical assistance, access to a network of investors, and access to a multi-AI index pool with exposure. Additionally, the project provides AI token prices, graph readings, content creation, and advertisements, and offers dual tokens for platform and launchpad. The roadmap highlights potential expansions and listings, and the project’s partners indicate a high potential for growth.


Greetings! Welcome back to the channel. In this video, we will be discussing Neocortex AI and how they are bridging the world of crypto with the world of AI, specifically the world of blockchain.

The Project Description

Neocortex AI has launched a cutting-edge AI project launchpad, multi-AI index pools with DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) feature, AI bots, AI swaps, and AI brain centers, which offer the ultimate one-stop gateway to the latest developments, and trends in AI technology.


The Neocortex AI website features a cool design and includes links to the project’s Twitter, partnerships, website, and roadmap.

Presale and NFTs

Interested individuals can apply for the presale and also participate in the Neocortex AI presale NFTs, which includes a free mint.

Twitter and Partnerships

With 12.6k followers on Twitter, Neocortex AI already has a wide list of partnerships that includes Torque Pad, Odiana, and Brandpad.


The roadmap highlights the upcoming wave of disruption in AI, and how Neocortex AI is dedicated to contributing by enabling a transformative power of AI and blockchain.

Nai and Core I Launchpad Token

Neocortex AI will have dual tokens for the platform and launchpad, with the Core I Launchpad Token and the Nai Platform Token. The 10,000 platform NFTs are also free with wrapped AI promising tokens.

Partners and Giveaways

Neocortex AI’s list of partners is extensive, and interested individuals can apply for the presale, whitelist, and a giveaway that awards $1,000 in USDT.


So there you have it; Neocortex AI is a new but exciting project, providing its investors with numerous benefits such as access to a multi-AI index pool, technical assistance, and marketing. However, please do your research before investing to ensure that it aligns with your investment goals.

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