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SSM is discussing narratives and reviewing comments, as well as looking at cryptocurrencies suggested by viewers. He mentions a microcap gem called Dimitri that has seen a 4x increase in value in two weeks and aims to utilize technology to benefit the agriculture industry. Another project he discusses is Revolve Games, a low-cap gem in the gaming industry that has potential for growth with further investment. Overall, he emphasizes the importance of projects that are focused and have real-world utility, as well as the strong presence of gaming in the cryptocurrency space.

Opinions on Narratives in Crypto: Looking at Dimitri & Revolve Games


In a recent YouTube video, SSM discusses their opinions on narratives in crypto and reviews two projects that have caught their attention. They begin by looking at the comments section and thanking their audience for their support.

Discussion on Dimitri

SSM dives into a project called Dimitri, which has seen a significant increase in value in the last two weeks. It’s a microcap gem that utilizes robotics, IoT, and AI to aid the agricultural industry. They highlight the ever-growing demand for food and the importance of the agricultural sector. Dimitri aims to increase yields, reduce costs, and mitigate risks for small and big farmers. SSM recommends checking out this project as a niche, unique, and useful aspect of crypto with real-world utility.

Discussion on Revolve Games

SSM also mentions Revolve Games, a gaming project that has gained traction in the crypto space. This project is relatively new, but they have a marketplace, inventory system, and three games. SSM notes that investing in a low-cap gem like Revolve Games could result in a significant return on investment. They express optimism in the gaming sector in crypto and believe that it has a strong native.


In conclusion, SSM’s video discusses the importance of narratives in the crypto space and provides their thoughts on two noteworthy projects: Dimitri and Revolve Games. While Dimitri focuses on the agricultural industry, Revolve Games is a gaming project that has gained traction. Both projects have unique aspects that make them worth considering for investment.


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