Discover the 4 Coins Reigning the Market in November

BitBoy Crypto and Token Metrics have collaborated to make November’s top picks for tokens that still have room left for Thanksgiving seconds. Solana and its ecosystem, featuring NFTs and DeFi, tops the list, with Illuvium’s blockchain game boasting triple-A graphics and gameplay following closely behind. Privacy project, Secret, is predicted to be a front and center in the future struggle against centralized powers over money. BitBoy Crypto picks XRP as the top token, with the potential to reach more than $15 this cycle, pending resolution of its SEC case.


It’s November, and an altcoin season is well underway. For those who have already stacked up tokens, it’s harvest time. But for those just starting or looking to diversify their portfolio, don’t worry.

Token Metrics Top Picks

Token Metrics and BitBoy Crypto have collaborated to bring you their top picks for tokens that still have room for growth this November.

No. 4: Solana

Solana is naturally on the list because it’s the platform that everyone is talking about. With a fast, cheap-to-use network and a growing ecosystem, including NFTs and DeFi, Solana is a force to be reckoned with. The Ignition Hackathon showed off Solana’s capabilities, with a lot of winners and room for growth in the future. SOL Knights are celebrating with Breakpoint festival in Lisbon.

No. 3: Illuvium

Illuvium is an Ethereum-based blockchain game that boasts AAA graphics and gameplay, earning crypto shards exchangeable for ILV tokens. A full suite of NFT trading, minting and staking is available on this platform thanks to being integrated with Immutable X, a gas-free Layer 2 chain. Token Metrics and BitBoy Crypto are bullish on Illuvium’s price potential similar to Axie.

No. 2: Secret

Secret is a data privacy platform for Web3 that uses the concept of programmable privacy in all of its products. The Secret project got a huge boost when their Supernova upgrade took place, offering IBC integration with Cosmos, Ethereum, Monero, Terra, Polkadot and more.

No. 1: XRP

XRP is expected to be the most parabolic gainer of the top 15 coins, opening up DeFi and NFTs to the XRP Ledger blockchain, with Flare Network as its killer app. XRP has been working in the background, forging partnerships with central banks and wire services throughout APAC. The SEC case is the only gating factor that will open up the taps on XRP.


There you have it, Token Metrics and BitBoy Crypto’s top picks for November. Don’t hesitate to try some of these tokens out if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio. Keep an eye on these projects and how they can add an edge to your portfolio.

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