Discover How GALA GAMES Reached Over 400% Increase in Volume!

The video discusses the recent increase in God Token volume, which has risen more than 400% over the past 24 hours. The video’s creator is excited about this increase as the Gala token had been oversold for a while, making the bear market boring. They have been accumulating Gala tokens since May, and their friends have been making fun of them for it. The creator believes that knowing whether the upcoming rate hike will be 50 or 75 basis points could greatly determine the direction of the crypto space. They also discuss the confusion surrounding the launch of Spider Tanks by Gala Games.


Yo what is up YouTube leave a cap and here back again with another YouTube video on nothing other than Gala games and check this out as of right now the god tokens volume is up over 400 in the last 24 hours oh my goodness and Gala.

Excitement over Price Movement

Has been oversold for such a long time now and it’s finally good to see some sort of pump going on because honestly the bear Market it was getting boring it was getting tiring and you already know how I’m gonna celebrate this pump and I’m very excited about this because.

Short-Term Price Movement

Even though in the grand scheme of things this actually is a short-term price movement I’m actually very excited nonetheless because we’ve been in a bear market for such a long time now things have gone so boring right you know prices were low things kept going down.

Loading Up on Gala Tokens

However this has brought a lot of juice and excitement especially when it comes to me and I’ve been loading up on my Gala tokens you know I’ve started amping up my DCA ever since May and every time I bought Gala it seemed to just keep going down however I didn’t mind right.

Gala vs. Other Cryptocurrencies

And a lot of my friends have been making fun of me for even buying Gala in the first place I have a couple friends who only want to buy cardano and Bitcoin and they have been consistently roasting me this whole time they kept saying oh what.

Next Rate Hike

Something to look forward to is the next rate hike which is coming on Wednesday by the way if it’s 75 basis points I think the whole crypto space overall has already priced that in which is why I think a lot of cryptos as of right now are having a decent recovery and all.

Global Crypto Market Cap

The global crypto market cap as of right now is holding strong at above a trillion dollars even though it did to have a slight decrease over the last day around two percent but besides that point I think a trillion dollars is.

Spider Tanks Launch

Just psychologically a good number to see overall it really does give a lot of positive sentiment when it comes to the whole crypto space and when it comes to spider tanks news I have an update in my previous video I talked about how on October 31st it was going to be the open.

Gala Games Growth

Games on the gall games platform isn’t even out yet and that’s crazy to think about it’s crazy to think about how Gala Games has grown to be this large already despite not having many of their games out yet.


And that’s been it for today’s YouTube video hopefully everyone enjoyed the video and make sure to smash that like button also make sure to click subscribe so you don’t miss out on the latest and greatest god games news and content it’s been Lena captain and I’ll catch you guys on the next one I’m out peace boy.

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