Why You Shouldn’t Miss the BIG Week Ahead in the Markets!

Sam, a popular YouTuber in the crypto space, warned viewers to be cautious as some “alarming” signs have been seen on Twitter and YouTube comments. Some people are leaving the crypto and stock markets as they are exhausted from the back and forth in the market. However, Sam believes that leaving now before the next Bitcoin halving would be a mistake. He also emphasized the importance of practicing good storage by keeping crypto off exchanges. Sam also discussed the upcoming CPI reading and Fed decision, but reminded viewers to keep their long-term priorities in mind, which is achieving financial freedom.


How’s it going everyone it’s Sam? I wanted to do a quick video for you here in my car here, just because I think there are a couple of things we have to be very careful of right now. We have some big events coming up over the next two weeks, and I want to make sure that our heads are in the right spot.

The Crypto Market and Stock Market

I’ve been noticing some pretty alarming things from Twitter and from YouTube and from comments, so let’s get into it. If you don’t mind just hitting the Subscribe button underneath the video, I appreciate that. Just got back from Mexico last night, a little bit tired here today, but I’m doing my best here. It’s been pretty quiet over the last week in crypto land and in the stock market as well. What I’ve noticed and what I’ve seen due to social metrics is that a lot of people are leaving crypto and the stock market right now which I understand because it’s been back and forth right.

The Biggest Mistake Right Now

Even though cryptos moved up 50 from the bottoms, a lot of people are just exhausted. They’re exhausted from buying at the top watching it go down down. They thought they was gonna maybe start going back going back back up maybe they sold at the bottom, and then they saw it go back up or maybe they bought a little bit and then they saw it go back up to 25 000 and then they bought a lot more and then they realized okay we’re back down at 22 000 right, we’re not out of the weeds. I think one of the biggest mistakes which you probably have heard a lot though is that you don’t want to leave the market right now.

Bitcoin Halving

We have about a year and a month or two before the next Bitcoin halving. One of the worst mistakes you can make is leaving right now when we’ve been through such a difficult time. Now of course we could get a recession, but I would think that the that being announced wouldn’t actually cause us to fall down that much more.

Good Storage

Another big thing that I think we have to do to make sure that we get through this is just make sure that you’re still practicing good storage. Don’t keep your crypto on exchanges unless you’re trading or you have to keep it on there for some reason, take it off.

Big Events Coming Up

We do have a couple big events coming up and then I want to hit on one other thing that we have to pay attention to with crypto. We do have the CPI reading here in just over a week and a week and a few days, and that will influence the next Fed decision. We have about two and a half weeks before that, so not next week or not this coming week not the week after that. It’s the week after that we have the next Fed decision that will drive markets for a while until the next Fed decision.

Don’t Get Married to Cryptos or Stocks

One other thing I wanted to talk about is just making sure you have your priorities straight. So a lot of people are trying to accumulate crypto and they get married to their cryptos, they get married to their stocks maybe even. But I think we need to remember in the long term the only purpose of buying cryptos and stocks is to gain Financial Freedom.


Just a little bit of an update here for you on Sunday hope you’re all doing well and having a good weekend keep at it because we are through the worst of it in my opinion thank you so much for watching I appreciate there are links underneath the video in case you want to help out the channel and try out some new platforms and I’ll see in the next one bye.

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