When Crypto and Business Worlds Collide: Epic Encounter Between BitBoy and Kevin O’Leary with SBF and Binance

BitBoy Crypto’s founder recently ran into Kevin O’Leary on the streets of New York and decided to talk things out after a history of being blocked on Twitter and beef online. They ended up agreeing that they share common enemies in the crypto space and that they want to push it forward, leading to a future interview on the BitBoy Crypto channel. The conversation will aim to get to the bottom of some of the crypto world’s most debated topics, with O’Leary invited to answer hard questions for the good of the crypto space.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto

My name is Ben and today I want to talk to you about my chance meeting with Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank. That’s right. You guys may know me and Kevin O’Leary, we’ve had massive beef. He’s blocked me on Twitter twice. We’ve gone after each other.

Fashion Police

So, of course, I had to get some new shoes. Let me show you my new Gucci shoes. I had to go get these new Gucci shoes. Look at these. Pow! Hey, those are pretty gangster, aren’t they? You’ve got to admit it. So I’m going to get some new shoes and I got a new shirt to go to one of these parties with because I need a good shirt to match the shoes.

The Chance Encounter

So, basically, what happened is, as you guys know, I’m here at NFT.NYC. You guys see there’s New York City. And I’m going to a lot of parties, doing a lot of stuff,So I rolled the window down. And I turned around. I looked at him. And I said, “Kevin O’Leary!” And he turned around and he looked at me.

Ups and Downs

A lot of people will say, “Oh, my gosh, you’ve been so aggressive towards Kevin O’Leary and then you get out and you go over there and you talk to him and then you take the smiling picture.” I’m going to put the picture up of me and Kevin. “What happened?”

The Interview

And Kevin O’Leary is going to be coming on the show. So I’m going to reach out to him. I don’t know. Maybe on Twitter. I have his phone number too. But I’m going to reach out. We’re going to set it up from when I get back from the Bahamas. We’re going on a cruise. And he’s going to come on the channel. And I’m going to ask him these questions.

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