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Meta Fighter is a new NFT project that combines gaming and blockchain technology. It is essentially a Street Fighter game which also incorporates NFT technology. Each character has its stats, such as attack and defense, and players can actually own the NFT of the character they play as. The potential for this project is big, and it is already up 117% today. Meta Fighter has a circulating supply of just 50 million tokens, with a max supply of around 1.5 billion. However, there is a downside to the project’s low supply. This is a long-term hold that could potentially make investors significant amounts of money.

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Today we’ll be discussing a MetaVerse project that is also an NFT project in itself. Before we get into the details, I want to make it clear that this is not financial advice.

MetaFighter – What is it?

I like to see MetaFighter as the Street Fighter of the blockchain, which uses NFT technology. If you don’t know what Street Fighter is, have you been living under a rock? Street Fighter is an arcade game that has been around for a very, very long time. It’s a great game loved by many. What MetaFighter aims to do is capitalize on that. It’s essentially a Street Fighter game that incorporates NFT technology.

Own Your Character!

Just imagine all the Street Fighter fans who love the game to death. Imagine if they could actually own their character. There is an NFT of each character. Each character has its stats – attack, defense, and other character statistics. You can actually own the NFT of this character, which makes it more unique. I can see this being Street Fighter and playing cards mixed together.

Check Out the Marketplace

You can already see that you guys can buy these characters and more to come. What I’d like MetaFighter to do is develop more and more different characters so that the potential of this project could be big. It just needs to reach its target audience.

Staking and Earning

You can stake and earn with MetaFighter. If you believe in this project, have a look at staking it. I do believe this project could be big in the future. It’s on the Binance Smart Chain, and while it’s not listed on any major exchanges yet, it’s listed on top-tier DeFi aggregators like Apeswap and Pancakeswap.

Potential for Huge Gains

If this project reaches a market cap of only $10 million, it would still be a low-cap gem. At a markup of 10 million dollars from 46,000, you would see a 200x return on investment. This project could probably hit that not even in the next Bull Run but before that in the next year. This project could get exponential growth.

Invest Wisely with MetaFighter

If you guys put let’s say, $500 on this project, you guys could see $100,000. If you put $1,000 into this project and it hits a 200x return, you’re looking around a profit of $200k. This project has the potential to make you a millionaire if you invest wisely.

Potential Downsides of MetaFighter

The downside of MetaFighter is the circulating supply. It’s very low (around 50 million tokens) with a max supply of around 1.5 billion. Do your research on this project to see if it’s right for you.


MetaFighter is a Metaverse project that has a more real use case because you can actually play this game. It’s a great gaming project that could be very successful. This isn’t financial advice, so do your own research. If you believe in this project, it’s worth investing long-term. Go check out my Patreon, where members got in early with MetaFighter and CalVPN.


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