“Shocking News: VOLT⚡️ Celebrates a Year of Electrifying Updates ⚡️🔥”

The content discusses the one-year anniversary of Vault Inu, a cryptocurrency project. The project has achieved significant growth since its inception, including community growth, Twitter followers, and various listings on cryptocurrency exchanges. The project has also launched an NFT investment Vault, done marketing campaigns, and formed partnerships. The article highlights some of the latest developments, including upcoming features on Vaulty Change and new exchange listings. The project’s accessibility and community engagement have helped it achieve high search results and make it a popular project. The content ends by wishing the Vault Army a happy holiday season.


On the occasion of Vault Inu’s first anniversary, the founder shared some exciting news about their progress and latest updates. Despite being a meme coin, they have achieved an impressive milestone within one year. In this article, we will discuss some of the latest happenings, new additions, and their plans for the future.

Community Growth

Within one year, Vault Inu has gained tremendous community growth. As per the statistics shared by the founder, they have over 120K Twitter followers and 55K holders. They have also created a YouTube video to showcase all of their achievements, including 77 sex listings, 74 dexes, and five Fiat gateways. They recently did a marketing campaign that included wrapping buses in different cities like New York, LA, and Dallas, which helped increase their exposure.

Marketing and Partnerships

Vault Inu has done remarkable marketing and partnerships in the last year. People consider it a meme coin; however, they are continuously pushing and growing, which makes them stand out. They have partnered with different companies for play-to-earn and metaverse projects. They have a new NFT investment vault that they created to invest in selling NFT collections. Additionally, they recently sold out the Vulture Dragon Sailors Club NFT collection.

Vaulty Change

One of Vault Inu’s latest updates is their deflationary dex, Vaulty Change. They are adding new features that will allow users to swap ERC20 and BP20 tokens, making every token deflationary. Vaulty Change is the perfect solution for those who want to invest in tokens and take advantage of deflationary systems.


Vault Inu aims to increase accessibility for new communities and users by getting listed on as many exchanges as possible. They have achieved 77 CX listings, and they continue to grow. Recently, they got listed on Tarmex, where users can start depositing and trading. They have also been listed on Japanese-focused exchange, Paracoin. Vault Inu’s strategy is to increase exposure, accessibility and community growth by getting listed on as many exchanges as possible.


Vault Inu has achieved remarkable milestones within one year. They have grown their community, achieved listings on various exchanges, and created partnerships in different fields. They are not just a meme coin but have continued to push and grow. Vaulty Change is one of their latest updates, and it seems like a perfect solution for those who want to invest in tokens and take advantage of deflationary systems. With their dedication and hard work, it will be interesting to see what more they have in store in the coming days.

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