Ethereum Rally Shocks Crypto World as a New Anti-CBDC Hero Emerges with a Bang!

The video is a casual conversation about various topics including caffeine addiction, music, and the crypto market. They discuss the current state of the market, with XRP, Cardano, and Dogecoin all showing gains. They also mention upcoming events like the Bitcoin Miami conference and an NFT event in NYC. The conversation also touches on the French and the Village People, and the hosts express their love for disco music. Overall, the video gives a lighthearted and humorous look at various topics.

Foreign Foreign Foreign: A Big Boy Crypto Update


Big Boy Crypto, home of the Bit Squad, offers crypto enthusiasts the latest market updates and insights. In this video, the Commander talks about California’s current affairs and gets the audience excited about upcoming events like NFT NYC and Bitcoin Miami.

Energy Drinks Debate

The Commander poses a poll to the audience asking if energy drinks are a necessary evil or a big corporate psyop. While some believe that caffeine is toxic and bean juice is just another drug, others find it a crucial part of their lives. Some consider green tea leaves and black coffee as better alternatives.

Village People and Music Trends

In the video, Bobby playing the ‘YMCA’ song of The Village People, drives the Commander to ask his audience about their favorite Village People song. The discussion also delves into the topic of music trends and whether disco will ever make a comeback.

Market Updates

The video not only caters to entertainment but also provides valuable market updates. According to CoinGecko, the cryptocurrency market’s current cap is at $1.3 trillion, with 24-hour trading volume at $50 billion. BTC has a 4.5% dominance with dominance for Ether at 18.4%.


Big Boy Crypto provides a great platform for crypto enthusiasts to get the latest market updates and industry news while also indulging in casual discussions. With captivating discussions on music trends to poll-taking on energy drinks, this video offers a unique mix of entertainment and information.

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