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The Lunar Rocket project is a decentralized community token that rewards holders through reflections in BUSD. It is fully owned and run by its community, and has a total supply of 350 million Lunar tokens, with 50 million locked on PancakeSwap LP. The token has a 2% marketing fee, 2% BUSD buyback, and 1% LP buyback, with no pre-sale or team wallets. The project aims to build its own swap and dApp, and to be listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. The roadmap includes intense marketing, onboarding top ten searched online market cap, and releasing Lunar Tools and Lunar Soft.


Hey guys, Pablo here and welcome back to another brand new video. In this one, we’re going to talk about a project called “Lunar Rocket”. In this video, you’ll get complete information about this project like what this project is, the tokenomics, transaction fees, roadmap, how you can buy it, how was it launched and so forth.

Official Website of Lunar Rocket

Now here we are at the official website of Lunar Rocket where we’re going to learn everything about this project. We’ll talk about their tokenomics, their roadmap, what features they have, what their future plans are, how we can get rewarded and how we can buy their tokens.

About Lunar Rocket

So first things first, we need to learn about what Lunar Rocket is. Lunar Rocket is a decentralized project on the Binance Smart Chain network in which the holders of the token are rewarded as part of the reflections in BNB. Combine the decentralization of Lunar Rocket, the rewards, and the bonus, and you get a powerhouse out of the hands of anyone except the community as a whole.

Features of Lunar Rocket

In the ‘About’ section of the Lunar Rocket website, it says, Lunar Rocket is a community token that will send back Luna on the moon. This is a fully decentralized project meaning there’s no general authority, the community runs the whole thing. Luna rocket has been released after one week of social media campaign with no pre-sale, making it a fair launch. Also, there was no team wallet, making it more decentralized.

Why Invest in Lunar Rocket?

One might ask why Lunar Rocket? Lunar Swap and Luna Tools are the primary reasons. Lunar Rocket is planning on deploying its swap and DApp, Lunar Tools, with special features. Payments for ads will be made in Lunar tokens, which will then be burned. Lunar Rocket has a strong community, which is fully decentralized and vibrant. A dedicated community is a key member of Lunar Rocket and involved in every single step.


Lunar Rocket has a total supply of 350 million Lunar tokens, and the initial supply is 1 million. Here are the details of Lunar Rocket’s Tokenomics:

– 50% Token Burned
– 2% Used for Marketing
– 2% Distributed to Holders
– 1% Token Buyback

How to Buy Lunar Rocket

The process of buying Lunar Rocket tokens is pretty simple. You can use a wallet or click on the ‘Buy on PancakeSwap’ button on their website to import the token directly. Once you’ve connected your wallet and added BNB to it, you can swap it for Lunar tokens.


Lunar Rocket’s Roadmap is divided into four phases:

– Phase 1: Initial Development
– Phase 2: Listing on Major Exchanges
– Phase 3: Lunar Swap and Lunar Tools Release
– Phase 4: To Be Continued


In this video, we’ve covered all aspects of Lunar Rocket, from its features, tokenomic, how to buy Lunar Rocket tokens, and their roadmap. While this is not investment or financial advice, it’s up to you to decide whether Lunar Rocket is right for you. If you have any questions or queries, you can ask them in the comment section or use their Telegram and Twitter, linked in the description.

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