Crypto investors beware! Shocking 65-year-old data predicts major crash by year-end!

The Superman, a cryptocurrency analyst, discusses the possibility of a Bitcoin collapse in the next three months, citing potential macroeconomic turmoil. The inflation rate has been causing concern, leading to a potential reversal in the market. The video shares insights from Canaccord Genuity’s chief market strategist, Tony Dwyer, who mentions that a new bottom usually comes after the U.S. two-year treasury note peaks, and a recession is announced. Furthermore, he points out that, historically, the stock market has never bottomed before a recession. The hodler accounts of large cryptocurrency holders show that they are continuing to sell, indicating a lack of bullishness in the market.

Is the Collapse of Oh Coin on the Horizon?


In the latest episode of his YouTube channel, the Superman of cryptocurrency shares his insights on the current state of the market. Amidst over-exaggerated bullishness and unrealistic market predictions, he points out some concerning macro trends that may cause worry for investors.

The Macro Market

One of the issues discussed is the inflation rate, which has been putting the world in turmoil. With prices going up and wages staying the same, people are struggling to afford basic necessities. Interest rates have also risen as a result, and there have been significant drops in the inflation rate. This has caused concern amongst investors as we head into September.

The Highs and Lows of the Market

Looking at the stock market, it’s clear that things are not rosy. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 have both taken a hit in recent months, causing worry amongst investors. Additionally, the U.S. dollar is on the rise since the beginning of February, indicating potential instability in the market.

Timing is Everything

Discussing the potential for a recession, the Superman of cryptocurrency notes that history has demonstrated that the market never bottoms prior to a recession being announced. The US two-year treasury note has peaked at a higher percentage than it did in November, indicating that a significant downturn is likely in the near future.

Whale Wallets

Finally, the Superman of cryptocurrency discusses the behavior of the hodler accounts, or the wallet addresses that hold large amounts of cryptocurrency. During the 2018 bear market, these accounts began accumulating cryptocurrency just before the bottom was hit. However, in the current market, these accounts have only been selling their holdings. This indicates that investors are not bullish on the market and suggests that a significant correction is on the horizon.


As investors deal with an increasingly volatile market, the Superman of cryptocurrency suggests that it’s time to face reality. While the market may have been overly bullish in the past, macroeconomic trends and historical data suggest that a significant downturn is approaching. As always, it’s important for investors to stay informed and make decisions based on their individual risk tolerance.

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