Is this the Next AI Gem for Crypto Holders? (With a Remarkable 50% Surge Today!)

Dusty from DustyBC YouTube channel talks about the chirpley token which he recently invested in. Chirpley is an automated, peer-to-peer marketplace for nano and micro influencers focused on helping them grow by connecting them with the marketing community. The token was down in the market due to the recent downtrend but has started to gain momentum due to increased marketing efforts and a pivot towards the AI niche. The coin is still a micro-cap and has not been fully released to the public, so it could be subject to large gains but should be approached with caution.

Chirpley Token – The World’s First Automated P2P Influencer Marketplace


Hey guys, what is up, it’s dusty here and welcome back to another crypto video. Today, I have some exciting news to share with you about one of the tokens that I recently bought, which has started to pump like crazy. I’m talking about the Chirpley token that is up 50% today.

About Chirpley

Chirpley is a token that is dedicated to Nano and micro-influencers. It is the world’s first automated P2P influencer marketplace that is founded by Dutch guys. The idea behind Chirpley is to help small influencers who are often overlooked to make it big in the marketing community.

Why I’m Bullish on the Token

I’m extremely bullish on Chirpley because it has a very good back-end idea, and it has also started to move towards the right direction of pivoting for major pushes. Besides, the platform has started to make some significant marketing moves, and it has gotten itself some other sorts of news, making it a good longer-term project.

Important Note

On this channel, I showcase two things primarily – all the most important crypto news and my investment ideas. Therefore, what I think is a good decision doesn’t have to be one for you. I invest based on the risk-reward principle, and it doesn’t mean you have to copy me and do the same.

Cautious Approach

While Chirpley has a lot of potentials as a project, caution should be exercised because, like many other new coins, it has a very low market cap. It could get a ton of gains relatively simple, and it would not be surprising if someone pumped the price too much.


In conclusion, Chirpley is a very promising project that could do another 10x in the next couple of months. It has a scalable platform that’s perfect for any market Niche or Sub-Niche. With the platform’s pivot towards the AI niche and its revenue-driven deflationary tactics, we can expect some big announcements to come soon. Even though it is a low cap coin, it has a lot of potentials, which is why I am extremely bullish on it.

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