“Gala Games Acquires 20 Million Users – You Won’t Believe the Outcome!” | $GALA

Gala Games has announced the acquisition of a mobile gaming studio with over 20 million users and a total revenue exceeding $100 million. The studio has 15 mobile games that are ready to convert to the Gala blockchain. Focusing on mobile gaming is a genius move, according to the content creator, as it has the most gamers out there. The future of play-to-earn mobile games will be huge, and Gala is leading the way when it comes to blockchain gaming on mobile. The price of Gala is up over 30% in the past 24 hours and is a relieving sight to see.

Gala Games Acquires Mobile Gaming Studio with 20 Million Users


Yo what is up YouTube, Lead the captain here back again with another YouTube video and very big news when it comes to Gala games. The gala games has just bought a mobile gaming studio with over 20 million users, this is insane news!

Investing in Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is clearly the future feature of gaming and the reason why I say that is because when we take a look at the worldwide consumer spending on games, we will see that in 2022 mobile Gamers spent a staggering 136 billion dollars way more than PC/Mac gamers and way more than console gamers as well.

Gala’s Smart Strategy

In my opinion, by Gala games focusing on mobile gaming, it is such a genius move on their part. Everyone likes to say PC gaming is big and console gaming is big but mobile gaming actually has the most gamers out there. Most of the gamers in this world are on mobile.

The Future of Play-to-Earn Mobile Games

I truly do believe that the next big thing will be blockchain gaming on mobile. I think in the future play to earned mobile games will be absolutely massive.

Gala Games Leading the Way in Blockchain Gaming on Mobile

Girl games is leading the way when it comes to blockchain gaming on mobile. There are many other crypto gaming projects out there, but very rarely do we see them ever focus on mobile gaming. Gala games is already starting to focus on mobile gaming for others, mobile gaming isn’t even on their radar. This is what makes Gala games unique.


Gala game still hasn’t announced the name of the gaming studio they are buying yet, however, I think they will release it very soon. Focusing heavily on mobile gaming truly shows that they understand where the future is heading. It is very dangerous to try to time the bottom. The key is not to try to time the bottom exactly, instead, dollar cost average. Gala’s acquisition of the mobile gaming studio with over 20 million users is a smart strategy proving that mobile gaming is the future of gaming. With Gala games leading the way in blockchain gaming on mobile, play to earned mobile games will be absolutely gigantic.

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