Discover the Secret to Uncovering Lowcap Gems that Yield 50-100X Returns with Ease!

The Crypto Gem Hunters explain how to find low-carb crypto projects with high return potential. The first step is to filter out projects aggressively, as there are many bad projects in the space. Checking the narratives and determining whether they make sense and how crypto can improve them is also important. Tokenomics is crucial, and projects with solid economics will have a sustainable model. The team behind the project and their activity level must be evaluated, as well as liquidity and community interest. Users should be wary of projects with low liquidity and always look into the tokenomics before investing.

How to Find Low-Carb Crypto Projects with 50-100x Potential


Hello everyone and welcome to the crypto gym Hunters! Today, I’m going to be sharing with you how you can find some low-carb crypto projects that will give you great returns. In fact, not just that, but there are some projects you’re looking at right now and you want to know: is this going to be a moonshot? Is it going to be the next moonshot’s potential? Well, in this video, I’m going to tell you how you can go about finding new projects, or checking whether the projects you’re already interested in, have a 50 to 100x potential.

Filtering Out Projects

The first thing we’re going to do is to filter out the projects. You might have made a list of projects or you should be making a list of projects that are actually interesting or have good potential in your opinion. But you really want to filter out this project, filter out very aggressively, because there are a lot and I mean a lot of bad projects in the crypto space. So, you have to be very picky when it comes to this. You have to filter out a lot of projects.

Check the Narratives

The next thing to determine, in my opinion, when finding a great crypto Gem, is to check the narratives. What’s the narrative in the crypto space? Because more often than not, there are usually narratives that are trending in the crypto space. And you want to be able to find these narratives, sometimes before they happen or at least getting very early on. Is this going to be AI? Is this going to be gaming? Is this going to be NFC? Is it going to be art? You have to check the noises. You have to look and ask some questions, some importance fundamental questions like: can this narrative actually generate demand? How does crypto make this narrative better? For example, when we’re looking at the nft bull run, how does crypto make ads better? Well, the fact that it’s a non-fungible token and it can verify that you actually own a piece of this property so the intellectual property that’s part of it, that narrative makes sense, and crypto can actually make it better. So, NFTs are useful. So, you find a narrative, you find a good narrative, and you look at how crypto can enforce or improve that narrative.

Check Tokenomics

Tokenomics are extremely important, personally I avoid projects that have 15-10 buy or sell taxes because it’s kind of like, forcing you to be in the projects whether it’s good or not. You have to check whether the tokenomics is good. Look at what percentage is the dev holding? How many percentages are the top holders holding? How many percentages is being locked? How many percentages is being given out as taking reward? The tokenomics are extremely important when you’re looking for a great crypto project. So, you are looking for lookup gems that can give you 50 to 100. A project that has solid economics will do very well because it’s going to be a sustainable model and that’s good. The technology should not be too confusing. If you can’t understand the tokonomics, you either wait and find someone who can explain to you in a way you understand or just leave the project. Don’t invest in projects that you do not understand the tokenomics because that’s usually a sign that even a lot of other people don’t understand. The economics is full of dragons and more likely Thanos is going to be a rock post so make sure you understand the tokenomics before buying into the project.

Check Liquidity

The first tip is to check the liquidity. So, liquidity determines how quickly or how well you can buy or sell the token. You will want to buy projects with high amounts of liquidity because it shows that yeah there are lots of people interested in this project and there’s enough money flowing in and out. If the liquidity is low, there can be very crazy very well-priced movements and that is not usually good the project will be weak fundamentally because it can easily crash it can easily be manipulated. You have to be careful with projects with low liquidity.

Check Activity

The final aspect of step number five in finding Grace crypto gem is to check the activity. Look at the team behind it, look at the development behind it. Are they still updates coming out? If there are updates coming out, I always love it when the project has updates because it means the developers are actually paying attention to the market and doing what’s going to be useful in the space, and are doing things that would actually generate and create more demand. They are still building, they are listening to feedback so activity is very important. You should also check Community interest because Community would drive its for their great crypto projects out there but nobody is interested in it, they are losing favor of the market. They have utility, but they don’t have activity. Utility without activity doesn’t really make much sense the best ideas must be born in a garage but they will die there if they don’t go out so activity is extremely important. Check their telegram group, check their Discord, check their Twitter. Are the people engaging? Are they engaging with the community? Are they engaging with user feedback? Are they responding positively? Are they taking people’s complaints and fixing them? That’s when you know okay this project is good, they are listening and they are improving their products.


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