You Won’t Believe the Mysterious Depths of This Mind-Boggling Crypto Scandal

BitBoy Crypto discusses the alleged criminal activities of Dan Friedberg, the general counsel for FTX and the alleged mastermind behind the FTX-Alameda-SBF shell game. BitBoy Crypto alleges that Friedberg has engaged in criminal activities such as counterfeiting coins to manipulate prices, leading to tax evasion, wire fraud, RICO laws, and racketeering. Friedberg allegedly scrubbed his online presence from the internet, including his LinkedIn profile, and allegedly attacked servers that published negative information about him. BitBoy Crypto argues that influencers who promoted FTX also have egg on their faces, and compares the FTX scandal to the Ultimate Bet cheating scandal in the online poker world, which Friedberg was also allegedly responsible for.

The Dangerous Truth About Dan Friedberg and the FTX-Alameda-SBF Shell Game


Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. In this video, we’re going to be discussing a very serious matter. The person we’re talking about, Dan Friedberg or “Dan Friedberg,” is the mastermind, architect, and puppet master of the FTX-Alameda-SBF shell game.

Dan Friedberg – The Mysterious Figure

Dan Friedberg is a dangerous man who has managed to skirt around laws and criminality multiple times. He is difficult to trace as he has wiped out his existence from the internet. Even his LinkedIn page has vanished. If you look up Dan Friedberg or Daniel Friedberg, you can’t find any pictures of him.

Insightful Article

A lot of information about Dan Friedberg has been compiled in an article. The original publication of the article went down within 30 minutes of the link being shared. This goes to show how powerful Friedberg’s hackers are. However, the BitSquad managed to post the article on Facebook.

The Counterfeiting Accusation

One of the most significant accusations against the FTX system is that they counterfeit coins. This is a grave offense as it leads to tax evasion, wire fraud, RICO laws, and racketeering. Dan Friedberg played a crucial role in this operation, and there is evidence to back this up.

The Ultimate Bet Scandal

Dan Friedberg was also involved in the Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet cheating scandal in the early 2000s. This was the largest poker scandal of all time. The similarity between this scandal and the FTX-Alameda-SBF shell game is surprising. Friedberg used influencers in both cases to promote the scams.

The Anonymous Figures

Dan Friedberg is an example of the anonymous figures we should be careful of. Crypto influencers need to be mindful while promoting any entity online. The FTX-Alameda-SBF shell game was a significant scam, and Dan Friedberg was the mastermind behind it. It is time for him to face the consequences of his actions.

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