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BitBoy Crypto’s Ben believes that AI is one of the most important conversations in the crypto market cycle. While the industry has seen various trends and altcoin movements over the years, AI has the potential to outstrip them all in terms of market cap. With the advent of ChatGPT and upcoming ChatGPT-4 and ChatGPT-5, Ben believes that AI will be a huge opportunity for investment. Projects such as SingularityNET, AGIX, Fetch.ai, and The Graph are some of the major players in the AI space, but Ben suggests that there is room for more AI coins to emerge in the top 200 by the end of the market cycle.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

My name is Ben.

The Power of AI in the Crypto Market

Guys, I want to talk to you about AI. I think this is one of the most important conversations you’re going to hear in this entire market cycle.

History of Altcoins

Let’s look back on the history of altcoins. And what do we generally tend to see?

The Revolutionary Technology of AI

On their own, each one of these technologies is revolutionary. But are they more revolutionary than crypto itself? And the answer to that is obviously no. We have not seen a technology– obviously, AI has been around. AI is not just created. But AI just got marketed to the masses. And I think that is something that we have not seen.

The Potential of AI in the Crypto Market

Guys, AI with the advent of ChatGPT and ChatGPT-4 and eventually ChatGPT-5, we are looking at a space that has the potential to have almost as big of a market cap by itself as the rest of crypto.

The Growth Curve of AI

Crypto is obviously revolutionary, but the learning curve, the growth curve, the adoption curve, while we can show smoke and mirrors to show there as fast as anything else, they’re not nearly as fast as the internet. ChatGPT broke the record for most users that the quickest amount of time to get to a million users. We’ve never seen anything like it before.

The Importance of a Healthy Portfolio with AI Coins

I think a healthy portfolio going forward is going to have plenty of options when it comes to AI coins. We know the big dogs.

Potential AI Coins to Watch

There are several other projects. You have Fetch.ai. You also have The Graph, which many people consider to be an AI coin.

Adding AI Coins to Your Portfolio

I would tell him, “Research AI coins and get a strategy. You’re going to want to add them to your portfolio.” If you have a portfolio in 2023 to 2024, that does not have a single AI coin in it, you are doing it wrong. That’s all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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