NFT NYC exhibits Ukrainian avant-garde art through a fusion of NFTs and physical artwork by a mother-daughter team.

CityX, an NFT project founded by Asya Nikolaeva and inspired by her mother, Ukrainian visual and fine arts expert Tatyana Tumasyan, will showcase the best of Ukrainian avant-garde art at NFT NYC with three rabbits from Kharkiv. Digitised by Ukrainian 2D artist Bogdan Kiyas, the rabbits demonstrate how new technologies can merge with tangible art to create new forms of creative expression.
Blue by Sergey Bratkov teases society and mass media, Red by Elena Lesnychaya challenges the American dream, and Yellow by Oleg Mitasov invites the viewer to solve the riddle of the artist. All the art pieces are available for bidding on an Opensea auction. Asya will speak on a panel discussing the “bridge between tangible and intangible with NFTs” at NFT NYC.
The CityX team will lead a panel about empowering women in art and technology and leveraging NFTs to preserve Ukrainian heritage amidst conflict. CityX is creating a new paradigm for the future of art by merging art with technology. The project has provided updates and announcements on its social media channels. This publication is sponsored and Cointelegraph is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by or in connection with the use of the content.

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