Exclusive Interview: Uncovering the Adventure of Bitboy’s Bahamas Takeover with Lincoln Bain

BitBoy Crypto features a special guest, Lincoln Bain, the prime ministerial candidate from the opposition in the Bahamas. The conversation focuses on how cryptocurrency can heal itself from within. The discussion features the corruption of the Bahamian government, which is preventing residents from investing in crypto, creating barriers to entry. BitBoy Crypto also features interviews with investors who lost money using crypto exchanges, including Celsius. The episode highlights the negative impact of FTX, including liquidation hunting and alleged collusion with other platforms. The episode concludes with a discussion of how to move forward and uncover the alleged corruption.

Welcome to Bitboy Crypto

Welcome to Bitboy Crypto, my name is AJ. Tonight, we have a very special episode coming to you live and in-person from the Bahamas.

Introducing Our Guests

Tonight’s special guest is Lincoln Bain, the prime ministerial candidate from the opposition here in the Bahamas. Also, we have the one and the only Ben Armstrong. Tonight’s conversation is focused on how crypto is going to heal itself from the inside.

Getting the Real Story

You guys know, if you’ve watched the channel, which you obviously do because you’re here watching, I came down to the Bahamas about a month ago looking for Sam Bateman Freed. Everybody had this idea that he was under wraps and untouchable. But, I just knew that was BS and I wanted to come down here to get the real story.

The Truth About the Bahamas

While we didn’t get to talk to Sam because he continues to avoid me because I have the hard questions for him, we did come down here and we got the truth of what’s going on with the people. We discovered so many different things like people in the Bahamas aren’t even allowed to gamble at the casinos or invest in crypto and FTX.

Government Corruption

There’s always a story behind stories, and I think when you really understand who those people were that were getting to withdraw, you discover that there’s a lot of government corruption here in the Bahamas, and it continues. We’re trying to use the Bahamas here as a test case where we can remove corruption.

Cleaning Up Corruption

We brought down a lot of investors who lost money through crypto through some of these exchanges. My name’s Joel, and I lost a chunk of my crypto on Celsius. My name’s Rebecca, and I put my entire life savings onto Celsius, hoping to live off of compound interest for the rest of my life.

My husband and I put our Bitcoin as collateral into Celsius and just a month later, poof, it’s not available anymore. We’re trying to come at these people, and we’re going to be trying to clean up the corruption all throughout the islands.

Uncovering the Truth

It has become very clear that FTX and their business practices were behind the downfall of many platforms. We haven’t really had a good way to try to bring together all the evidence to show this, but today with the process that we’ve started, we actually believe we are now on the rabbit trail that’s going to send us to the truth about everything.

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