“Ethereum Hive Crypto Reviewed: Join the Buzz as an ETH Validator and Unleash its 10X Potential πŸš€πŸπŸ―”

The host of the video introduces a project called Ethereum Hive, which allows individuals to become part of a validator system without having to invest at least 32 Ethereum or $50,000. It operates like crowdfunding for validators and distributes ethereum earned by validators to ehive stakes, allowing individuals to earn their share and ehive tokens. The project aims to decentralize the ethereum validator system, as over 55% of validators are owned by only four addresses. Ethereum Hive has experienced a 12% increase in market cap and offers a reliable source of income with a stable opportunity for investors.


Welcome back to Voice Crypto, guys! As you can see, we have upgraded our camera and microphone, and today, we have another exciting Ethereum-based project to discuss. We will be taking a look at Ethereum Hive and exploring how it works.

What is Ethereum Hive?

Ethereum Hive is a crowdfunding platform for Ethereum Validators. Becoming an Ethereum Validator requires holding at least 32 ETH, which is a significant investment of around $50,000. This is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, Ethereum Hive is a solution for anyone who wants to be a part of this Validator system.

The market cap for Ethereum Hive is around $2 million, and it has a 24-hour trading volume of $74,000. Approximately 3,000 people own the Ethereum Hive token.

How does Ethereum Hive Work?

To participate in the Validator system, you have to stake your Ethereum Hive tokens. The rewards you will receive are a share of the Validator’s Ethereum award and EHIVE tokens. All of the Ethereum earned by the Validators is distributed to EHIIVE Stakes.

Around 55% of the Ethereum Validators are owned by four addresses, making it centralized to some extent. The project aims to change that through decentralization.

Using the basic calculator, you can get realistic projections of your earnings if the project grows. You can move the sliders around and see what you could earn if the Validator system expands.

What’s Next for Ethereum Hive?

The roadmap for Ethereum Hive shows what has already been achieved and what is yet to be accomplished. The grey dots signify the goals that are yet to be achieved.

Some of the upcoming goals are launching a custom swap, Community validator competitions, real-time Validator status updates, and more.

Dashboard and White Paper:

The dashboard shows the interesting statistics, and there are 11 active Validators. You can see their stats and earnings through the dashboard.

The white paper is also worth checking out, as it has more specific data and information regarding Ethereum Hive.


Ethereum Hive is an excellent opportunity to invest in the Validator system without making a substantial investment. It allows people to become a part of Validator infrastructure with a small investment in EHIIVE tokens.

Although Ethereum Validators are a reliable source of income, remember that this is not financial advice, and our article is for entertainment purposes only. Stay tuned for more exciting projects in the crypto space.

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