Get the Inside Scoop: Hear From CDT CEO in Live AMA and Q&A Session

In this video, the host and CEO of Check Dot, Jeremy Guyet, discuss the Check Dot project and its aims of providing necessary tools to protect and provide necessary information to investors about decentralized Finance. Check Dot provides a decentralized verification service, analysis, and possibility to protect against the risk of decentralized finance. It offers three main services: Tracker, Insurance Protocol, and Risk Betting. The Tracker, an analytic tool, analyzes various projects and determines the risks associated, the Insurance Protocol is a decentralized protocol to ensure users against the risk of decentralized Finance, and the Risk Betting tool enables users to bet on potential risks while adding liquidity through fees in the insurance protocol into the circle for the project to survive. The ultimate goal is to have all those decentralized services complete. The team comprises developers, entrepreneurs, and language trainers, and have worked on various crypto projects since 2017, including GraphLink.


Welcome to the Crypto Gem Hunters Channel, where we bring the latest and greatest in crypto projects. Today, we have a special guest, Jeremy, the CEO of Check Dot. This project has garnered the attention of our gem hunters, and we are excited to hear more about it. In this article, we will be exploring the questions asked by our gem hunters and discussing the responses given by Jeremy.

What is Check Dot and Why is it Needed?

The first question posed to Jeremy pertained to the explanation of Check Dot and its necessity. Jeremy provided an extensive answer about the risks associated with decentralized finance and the need for protection and information. Check Dot was created to provide the necessary tools to protect and provide essential information to every investor. It offers an analysis of the project and the ability to protect against various risks associated with decentralized finance. The project aims to provide a set of tools to help investors face all the risks and reduce the risk of the ecosystem.

The Background of the Check Dot Team

The next question posed was about the background of the Check Dot team. Jeremy spoke about his experience as a developer, entrepreneur, and language trainer. He shared his experience of working on various crypto projects since 2017, including Graph Link. The team aims to provide a decentralized verification service, analyze resin project, and aggregate information to determine risk while offering an insurance protocol to protect against various risks associated with decentralized finance.

The Benefits of Check Dot Services

As the discussion continued, Jeremy talked extensively about the services offered by Check Dot, including the tracker, the insurance protocol, and the risk betting tool. The tracker tool uses blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to analyze resin projects and effectively manage risks. The decentralized insurance protocol ensures users against the various risks of decentralized finance. Check Dot also offers a risk betting tool, which allows users to bet on the risk while adding liquidity through fees.


Check Dot aims to provide protection and offer essential information to every investor, ensuring that they can face all the risks associated with decentralized finance. The Check Dot team, led by Jeremy, has a vast experience in the field and has developed various tools that help equip investors with the necessary tools to ensure safe and efficient investment in the crypto market.


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