Discover the Orchid Protocol’s potential to bring significant gains for multiple beneficiaries!

Crypto GymHunter’s channel has recently featured a cryptocurrency-powered virtual private network (VPN) called the Orchid Protocol. Launched in 2019 using the Ethereum layer-two, Orchid offers a peer-to-peer network that allows users to pay as they use the bandwidth provided by participating providers or node operators for performing transactions on the blockchain. Orchid’s unique feature is the use of cryptocurrency-based probabilistic Nano payments for anonymous VPN usage that does not rely on centralized servers, making it more secure and scalable than other VPN solutions. Orchid’s token or ticket OXT is used for staking and incentivizing users to provide bandwidth, increasing the network’s value. Orchid has a small market cap of $63 million and room to grow to $6 to $8 in the next bull run.

Introducing Orchard Protocol

What’s up everybody and welcome back to the crypto gymhunter’s channel! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Stuart and I’m normally on the Crypto Grind channel. Today, I’m doing another video with all my partners at the Crypto Gym Hunters where we bring you what we think are the best gems in the crypto space at the moment, giving you the best possibility for gains before the massive bull run cameras in the next 12 to 18 months.

What is Orchard Protocol?

Orchard Protocol is a VPN in the crypto space. It’s a cryptocurrency-powered virtual private network launched in 2019 that aims to overcome internet freedom limitations by using cryptocurrency payments to allow anyone to purchase bandwidth from participating providers. The token is OE oxt and it is an ethereum layer two. The service is pay-per-use, which means that users only have to contribute funds when they actually are connected to the VPN, instead of paying monthly or annually.

Orchard Protocol’s Founders

Going through the founders, they are well-known business people inside and outside of the crypto space. The CEO is Dr. Stephen Waterhouse, co-founder of the venture capitalist outfit Pantera Capital. Then there’s Jay Freeman, the creator of Sadia, an alternative to Apple App Store for jailbroken Apple devices, currently used around the world by millions of people who jailbreak their devices. There’s Brian J. Fox, responsible for the creation of Wells Fargo’s first interactive online banking system in the mid-90s, and Gustav Simlinson, one of the ethereum network’s core security developers, helping with its original launch in 2015.


Orchard Protocol has a supply of one billion coins, with a circulating supply of 690 million at the moment. The interesting thing is that the main use of the coin is actually for staking and incentivizing people to provide bandwidth. The more bandwidth you provide, the more of the OXT coin you hold, and the more likelihood that you’re going to be selected to provide bandwidth for a user when they request it. The small market cap is 63 million dollars, so it definitely has a lot of room to grow in the next bull run, potentially hitting the six to eight dollar mark.

How Orchard Protocol Works

The core components of the network include the App itself, which is where you can download on the Play Store and Android and make use of the VPN functionality. The payments go through to the sellers or bandwidth providers, and the Orchid Marketplace or Auto Marketplace is where you can do whatever you want through that marketplace.


Overall, Orchard Protocol is a unique and innovative solution that uses blockchain technology to enhance the existing VPN experience. With decentralized servers offering more secure VPN usage, this VPN solution can help users protect their privacy and security while using the internet. With its impressive team of founders and tokenomics, Orchard Protocol has the potential to be a gem in the crypto space, worth keeping an eye on.


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