“Discover the Mind-Blowing Reason Behind Gala Games’ 77X Jump in Price to $3!”

The author believes that Gala Games has potential to increase 77-fold and reach $3 in price. This is because of the success of the company’s gaming platform, which has over 1 million monthly active users and has sold over 26,000 NFTs. Gala Games has its own blockchain and is focused on making fun and high-quality games. The gaming industry is growing rapidly, and while blockchain gaming is still undervalued, the author thinks that Gala Games has the potential to capitalize on the market. The author is not concerned about inflation and thinks that it will not be an issue for Gala.

The Potential of Gala Games: Could it Reach $3?

Gala Games, a blockchain gaming platform, has been making waves in the crypto gaming community. Some believe that Gala has the potential to reach a staggering $3 price point, a 77x increase from its current $0.04 price.

So why do some believe that this is a realistic target? Let’s explore some reasons.

Gala’s unique selling point lies in its flagship game, Town Star, which has over 1 million active users per month. Additionally, Gala has sold over 26,000 NFTs as of this writing. This popularity can be attributed to their focus on creating fun and visually appealing games, such as Last Expedition, Superior, and Spider Tanks.

Furthermore, Gala has its own blockchain, Jiri Call Games, and has around 15 games and 10 different game genres on its platform. Despite a slowdown in the hiring of new employees by other crypto gaming projects, Gala is still actively looking to hire new people, indicating that the company is doing well.

Looking at the bigger picture, the gaming industry is booming, with over 3 billion gamers worldwide. It has nearly doubled in size in the past five years alone and is projected to increase in size by around $70 billion in the next three years.

Yet, the gaming industry is still relatively untapped when it comes to blockchain gaming. All gaming tokens collectively have a market cap of around $10 billion, which is similar to Dogecoin’s market cap. This emphasizes the massive untapped potential of crypto gaming projects.

However, some may be concerned about Gala’s inflation, which has been the subject of debate in the crypto community. Currently, around 8 million Gala tokens are distributed every day. Gala has a yearly halving event, which cuts the daily distribution in half every year. This means that the inflation becomes less impactful each year.

Overall, the potential of Gala Games to reach $3 is not out of the realm of possibility. Its popularity, visually appealing games, and focus on blockchain gaming make it unique in the space. The growth of the gaming industry, combined with the untapped potential of crypto gaming projects, adds to the argument. Only time will tell if Gala can reach this price point, but it is certainly a project to watch.

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