Discover Ecentiv’s Exciting Tokenomics with Impressive Holder Incentives

In a video, Pablo introduces a project called Incentive that aims to address the common incentive of making profit in blockchain technology. Incentive has a native token called ECB, which incentivizes token holders with community funds and beneficial tokenomics. The project has a transaction fee of 13%, where 5% goes to the liquidity pool, 6% goes to the community fund, and the remaining is burned. The community fund is accumulated and can be used for various purposes, where the token holders can vote and decide. The project aims to give power to the community and incentivize them to earn profit and rewards.

Introducing Incentive

In this video, Pablo introduces us to a new project called Incentive. He tells us that in this video, he will discuss the project, its tokenomics, how it works, and why it is different from other projects.

The Main Incentive

Pablo explains that every project gives some sort of incentive, but the major incentive in all of them is that people use crypto and blockchain technology to make money and profit. In this project, we get down to the basics and directly focus on what people need, which is to make a profit and take a good income.

Tokenomics of Incentive

Pablo talks about the tokenomics of the project. He explains that the native token of the project is the ECB token, which aims to incentivize token holders with community funds and beneficial tokenomics.

The Transaction Fee

Pablo tells us that there is a transaction fee, which is 13%, and that 5% goes to the liquidity pool, 6% goes to the community fund, and the other part is burned. The community fund is where the ECB holders get to decide where they want to use it. They can use it for airdrops, reflection, buyback and burn, fund liquidity pool, donate it to someone or invest it in future developments.

Burning of Tokens

Pablo explains that with each transaction, 2% of the tokens are burned until only 100 million ECB tokens are left. This creates a shortage, which increases the value and benefits all the holders. The power is in the hands of the people to decide how they want to earn profit and rewards.

Community Voting

Pablo tells us that the community gets to vote on how the community fund should be used through a process of combined implementation proposals. They vote on the outcome they desire, and the foundation takes the funds to implement the decision.


In conclusion, Incentive is a solid project with incentives that directly focus on what people need. It gives the power to the people to make profit and rewards in a transparent manner. However, Pablo advises that anything he says is not financial advice, and we should do our own research before investing.

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