Will Bitboy Be DOXXED? The Unveiling of NFTs’ Future

The content is a mix of discussions and interviews related to BitBoy Crypto and the launch of the Voomio NFT marketplace. However, a significant portion is also focused on a dispute with someone named Thomas Tiedemann, who apparently threatened and harassed the BitBoy Crypto team. The team members discuss how they plan to take action against Tiedemann, including filing a complaint with the Bahamian government and pressuring Tiedemann’s employers to fire him. There are also brief discussions about Grindr downloads and going to Miami.


In a recent YouTube video, the host from BitBoy Crypto is getting ready for his show. He’s excited to film and mentions that he’s starting right now.

Solana Crypto Shirt Saga

However, his excitement turns into disappointment when he talks about his inability to wear his crypto shirt due to the Solana Crypto Shirt saga. He mentions that it’s hard to be sexy without it and ends up being done filming.

Keyboard Warrior

Moving on to the show, the host starts talking about a keyboard warrior who threatened him and his family, giving out his address. The host is furious about this and promises to rip the person apart by contacting every place of business they work and demand they get fired.

Hidden Seed Phrases

In the midst of this rage, the host becomes distracted by his colleagues and their discussions, distracting him from his show. They talk about how there are three seed phrases hidden in their video, which unlocks money or NFTs.

Voomio Advertisement

He then gets excited about the Voomio advertisement and talks about the CEO and the commitment to constantly adding new chains, chains that are doing something in the Web3 space. They mention Algorand, HBAR, and ICP.

Work Schedule and Grindr Downloads

The team then shifts the discussion to content and scheduling, where they talk about what works best for everyone. They also talk about how they have a lower percentage of Grindr downloads than most communities and how they need to advertise more.

Shine a Light

Finally, the host talks about how they plan to go to the Bahamian government and file a complaint against someone who deserves it. He believes that the people deserve to know the truth and wants to shine a light on the issue.

In summary, the host is ready for his show and excited to film but becomes furious when he discusses the keyboard warrior who threatened him and his family. He then becomes distracted by his colleagues and talks about hidden seed phrases, Voomio advertisement, work scheduling, and Grindr downloads. The host promises to get to the truth and shine a light on the situation that needs attention.

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