What’s Happening Behind Closed Doors at The FED? Could it Affect the Crypto Market?

Michael Barr, a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Fed’s vice chair for supervision, has expressed his desire to crack down on cryptocurrencies. As the key architect behind the Dodd-Frank Act, which aimed to prevent another financial crisis, and with the power to regulate depository institution holding companies and other financial firms, Barr could prove to be a significant threat to the crypto industry. The regulations in the Dodd-Frank Act included the Volcker Rule, which restricted how banks can invest and eliminated proprietary trading, and could potentially be applied to cryptocurrencies, making it impossible for institutions to invest in them using banks.

Bitcoin Gears Up for the Next Financial Crisis Amid Fears of Crackdown


Bitcoin was created in response to the 2008 financial crisis and many crypto holders are questioning how well the crypto Market will respond to the next financial crisis given that it will be the first one of the cryptocurrency era. However, the more important question is how governments will respond to the next financial crisis and whether they will use the volatility in the crypto market as justification for a massive crypto crackdown.

Michael Barr and the Crackdown on Crypto

Michael Barr, one of the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and the Fed’s Vice Chair for Supervision, is preparing to crack down on crypto, and it appears that his position gives him the power to do so with recommendations for the board regarding supervision and regulation. Barr’s heavy involvement in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act and the creation of the Vice Chair for Supervision position, which he currently holds, has raised concerns about his potential for a massive crackdown on cryptocurrency.

The Dodd-Frank Act and the Volcker Rule

The Dodd-Frank Act and the Volcker Rule obliged banks to restrict how they invest, limit speculative trading, and eliminate proprietary trading. This means that banks cannot be involved with hedge funds, private equity firms, or entities deemed too risky. Unfortunately, this may be applied to cryptocurrencies, thus making it impossible for institutions to invest in them using banks. Barr, who is a key architect of the Dodd-Frank Act, is focusing on introducing strict regulations for cryptocurrencies under his current role.

Michael Barr’s Views on Climate Change and Cryptocurrency

During Michael Barr’s nomination hearing, he talked about how he wants to “bank the unbanked” by promoting fairness. Senator Steve Daines asked Barr whether he believes climate change is one of the top three threats to financial stability. Barr replied by comparing climate change to the pandemic and avoided giving a direct answer. Senator Jack Reed asked about cryptocurrency’s threat to financial stability, highlighting stable coins as a particular concern for the US government.

Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Crypto Sentiments and Recent Developments

Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her anti-crypto inclinations, spent a significant portion of her time blasting the crypto industry, especially stable coins, during the nomination hearings. This event led to fear among crypto investors that a crackdown on cryptocurrencies may occur. Nevertheless, The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler has expressed a pro-crypto stance by citing his belief that the SEC provides investor protection while allowing innovation to thrive. He has also stated that his agency regulates cryptocurrencies if they exhibit characteristics of a security.


As we gear up for the next financial crisis, it is crucial to examine how governments will respond to it and whether regulatory institutions like the Fed will crackdown on cryptocurrencies. With people like Michael Barr leading in the effort to regulate cryptocurrencies, the future appears uncertain for crypto investors, and their safety is at stake. Nevertheless, with the SEC expressing a pro-crypto view, there is still some hope for the industry to thrive.

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