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Dogechain is a blockchain infrastructure for the Dogecoin ecosystem that enables decentralized finance, NFTs, games, and payment apps. Created by Rock Zacharias, who co-founded QuickSwap and DEXME, it is presently a micro cap, with decent volume and ranked outside the top 600. Its potential upside could match Dogecoin, which it supports, and it has a potential value of a thousand times its current value if it goes down to 0.05. Additionally, it has a potential hit game coming up that could attract more users to its platform.


Cryptocurrency is the new buzzword in the investment world. It’s changing the financial landscape as we know it. If you’re looking to join in the crypto craze, you might want to consider investing in some new and unknown coins.

Best Performing Coins in Last Bull Market:

New coins that were dApped, worth less than a dollar, with many zeros, and ranked outside the top 500 were the best performing points in the last bull market.

Altcoin That Corresponds:

Dogecoin’s infrastructure, Doge Chain, is the perfect altcoin that corresponds to these criteria. It’s presently a micro cap and ranked outside the top 600. Its only worth a tenth of a cent, has decent volume, and it has 478 X upside to match Dogecoin.

Dogecoin’s Biggest Backer:

Dogecoin’s biggest backer is Elon Musk, and it’s gaining popularity with each passing day. With the increasing popularity of Dogecoin, the infrastructure for this crypto, Doge Chain, is gaining attention as well.

Doge Chain:

Doge Chain allows for D fight NFTs games, and payment apps. It was created by Rock Zacharias, who co-founded quick swap dumb case me and who co-founded fracture co-founders of anchor.

Potential Smash Hit of a Game:

Doge Chain has a potential Smash Hit of a game coming out soon that could introduce more users to the platform. If it goes down to 0.05, it has a thousand X potential.


Investing in new and unknown coins can be risky, but it can also bring greater rewards. If you’re willing to take the risk, Doge Chain is a great option to consider. With its potential upside, low cost, and increasing popularity, it might be worth a shot.

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