Big News Alert: Investigating Gary Gensler, Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase, and Visa’s New Crypto Wallet

In their latest Daily crypto news episode, Dusty covers Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and firing of the CEO, CFO, and legal team. He also discusses Gary Gensler’s bad performance review from The Wall Street Journal opinion and the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit. Visa has filed trademarks for crypto wallets and the metaverse, while Google is still promoting a fake coinmarketcap website. Telegram is set to launch a second domain name auction, and Dusty warns against being fooled into buying something based on media hype. The crypto market today is not doing well, with Bitcoin at $20.3k, XRP at $0.46, and Ethereum at around $1.5k.


Hey guys, what is up? It’s Dusty here, and welcome back to another episode of The Daily Crypto News. Today, we have some very interesting pieces to cover.

Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter

For example, the fact that Elon Musk has now overtaken Twitter and fired the CEO, CFO, legal team – everything. It’s pretty crazy, and it’s happening right now.

Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit and Binance’s Investment in Twitter

We then have a little bit of juicy news on Gary Gensler and the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit. We also have a couple of cool pieces on that. Fun fact – Binance actually invested in Twitter as well, about 500 million dollars.

Visa Expands in Crypto Space

Of course, Visa is expanding like massively, and they have a little bit of cool stuff done in the crypto space.

Google’s Entry in Crypto with Payment System Since

All the while, Google got into crypto with their payment system Since. However, they’re not doing a really good job, and we’ll talk today about exactly why.

Current State of Crypto Market

Now guys, it would be greatly appreciated if you watch these videos daily. You know my Daily Crypto News. If you could press that like button, and just so we’re all on the same page, the crypto market today is not doing too well. Bitcoin is sitting at 20.3 thousand dollars, XRP sitting at 46 cents, and Ethereum at right around 1500.

Gary Gensler’s Performance Review

Getting into our first piece of today, Gary Gensler draws attention for his bad performance review from The Wall Street Journal opinion.

Elon Musk Closes Twitter Deal

Breaking news – Elon Musk closes the Twitter deal and fires the CEO, CFO, and a couple of people from the Legal team – maybe the entire department.

Visa’s Moves in Crypto Space

On the opposite end, payment giant Visa files trademarks for crypto wallets and the metaverse. They’re taking steps towards the right direction.

Telegram Expands Web3 Domain Service

Ton of Blockchain Telegram is set to launch a second domain name auction for its users. It will be interesting to see how trendy this will be as telegram is one of the biggest guys in The crypto space.

Don’t Get Fooled Buying Something

We’re going more into fundamentals with this one, and that is actually don’t get fooled buying something.

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