Unveiling the Ultimate Crypto Portfolio Plan for 2023: The One Trait That Holds the Secret to Success!

BitBoy Crypto’s Ben provides an update on the performance of his portfolios, including a $25,000 portfolio, $10,000 portfolio, Kucoin ISO 20022 portfolio, and $1,000 portfolio. He reveals that the portfolios are down overall, but he remains patient and confident that the bottom is near. He also discusses how he is keeping stablecoins in reserve in case market prices fall further. Ben mentions that he is keeping an eye on ICP, a newcomer to their stable of coins, and may add MATIC to his $1,000 portfolio. Overall, he urges patience and emphasizes that there is plenty of time left in the market to accumulate.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at our portfolio videos. All of our vloggers are out today, so we’re just going to do a little screen record video. And we’re going to kind of go over some of these wallets.

ETH and Cardano Dollar-Cost Averaging

Now, you guys do know I also have a Cardano and ETH dollar-cost average portfolio. Those transactions haven’t been going through every day because my banks have been, you know, being a little difficult. But overall I’d like to say that portfolio is doing pretty well With ETH and Cardano dollar-cost averaging.

Portfolio Performance

Taking a look at our $25,000 portfolio, as you guys can see, we’re down pretty significantly. We’re down about $6,000 on it. I’m not worried about that a single lick. That doesn’t mean anything. Our $10,000 portfolio, we’re down about 24%. The Kucoin ISO 20022 portfolio, we’re down about– about– looks like about 9%, somewhere around there. And then our $1K portfolio, we’re down about 25% as well.

Stablecoins in Portfolios

So I still believe that, in my personal opinion, we’re close to the bottom. We’re not going to be making any transactions today. As you can see with this, we still have 10% in stablecoins across all these portfolios. Actually more than 10% because these have actually kept their values USDC here in this portfolio, I’d be very interested in maybe starting to apply some of that in the ISO 20022. Our $1K portfolio, you guys can see here as well, we have about, you know. Now, probably that’s about 15-20%, 15% of that in stables.

Patience Game in Crypto Market

I’m keeping these stables in case of Armageddon. So if we were to plummet below where we’re at now in the crypto markets, that’s when I would start applying these stablecoins. Right now, we’re going to stand pat. As long as Bitcoin is staying in between $15,000 and $20,000, we’re not going to start moving any of these stablecoins into the market.

I’m going to move these stablecoins into the market if we go below $15,000. I’ll probably put half in and then still save half for if we were to drop down to let’s say, you know, if we were to go to $7,000, $8,000, $9,000, somewhere around there. I’m going to keep these stablecoins as well, at least half of these. That’s when I would delegate those stablecoins if we were going to go to Armageddon numbers. And I think, right now, guys, it’s really a patience game.

Watching for Potential Coins

I think, look, it’ll be easier for me to come on every week and say, “We’re going to move this. We’re going to move that.” We obviously had made some moves in the last portfolio video two weeks ago with some Algorand, you know, thinking like, “Hey, maybe we’ll be able to have some Algorand in some of these portfolios that we’ll be able to take some profits on,” because it was down pretty considerably, but that unfortunately just hasn’t happened. Algorand hasn’t moved. Nothing has moved. The market actually fell obviously down a little bit further. So because of that, we’re just not really making any moves right now and we’re keeping our eye out for stuff to add. We’ve got ICP in every portfolio now, I believe, except for obviously the ISO 20022. ICP is the one that I’m really, really watching. I think it’s got a lot of potential in the next bull run.


There you go. That’s our portfolio update. Just not a lot to do right now. But I just continue to stress, be patient, guys. We got plenty of time left in this market. You’re going to have the next year to accumulate. We’re down overall on these, but you know what? We were comfortable starting to apply some pressure to these markets where prices, you know, were. Now, they’ve gone down a little bit further, but we’re still not in a danger zone yet. So that’s all we got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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