Unleash the Madness: Chipmunks Gone Wild in P2E GAME and METAVERSE with NEW BSC NFT GEM!

In a video, Derek discusses an NFT called Crazy Chipmunks, which has a game and a metaverse utility. The NFTs are fully random, and buyers can connect their wallets to purchase them for only 0.35 BNB. The project has a unique bounty called Chipmunks Arcade, where buyers can win tickets that can be redeemed for 1.5 BNB. The project has a roadmap where more BNB will be redistributed to holders as the sales progress, and iPhone giveaways will also take place once certain milestones are met. Derek encourages viewers to participate in the Chipmunks Arcade and check out the rare and unique Crazy Chipmunks NFTs.

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BSC Gem NFT: Crazy Chipmunks

Hey everyone, Derek here with some exciting news in the world of NFTs. Today, we have a BSC gem NFT, called Crazy Chipmunks. There are a total of 4,321 of these unique NFTs, and they have a lot of interesting features that make them stand out from the crowd.

Unique Utility in Game and Metaverse

What’s interesting about Crazy Chipmunks is that they have a unique utility as both a game and metaverse asset. You can see a breakdown of their design and how they are built below:

  • Eyes come off first
  • Mouth
  • Accessories
  • Halo

These NFTs are all fully random, so you never know what kind of unique and crazy chipmunk you might get when you connect your wallet and purchase one.

Bounty and Public Sale

One interesting aspect of Crazy Chipmunks is that they have a bounty. The public sale is live now, and each chipmunk is only 0.35BNB, which is very affordable. You can view and purchase these NFTs on the NFT Key Marketplace, which is well-organized and has a wide selection of different kinds of chipmunks available.

If you want to see the rarest chipmunks and what they are worth, you can click on them to learn more about their rarity and value. Additionally, Crazy Chipmunks are being sold at the Chipmunks Arcade, where you can win some of the rarest and most valuable chipmunks for 1.5BNB.

Roadmap and Giveaways

The Crazy Chipmunks team has a detailed roadmap in place, which includes several rounds of redistribution for current holders. If you purchase one of the first 1,080 chipmunks, you’ll have four chances to win the giveaways.

The giveaways include an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and an iPhone 13 Pro Max, among other prizes. As more chipmunks are sold, more BNB will be redistributed back to current holders, making this a potentially lucrative investment.


In conclusion, Crazy Chipmunks are a unique and exciting NFT option on the BSC network. They have a lot of interesting features and are being well-received by the NFT community, with many influencers and telegram groups talking about them. If you’re interested in owning one of these unique and crazy chipmunks, be sure to check out the link in the description and get in on the action.

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more NFT news and updates.

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