The Most Exciting News You’ve Ever Heard!

The speaker, Sam, has two big pieces of news to share. He is getting married today and is now a “Mrs”. He states that he does not usually talk about his personal life but likes to share major updates. He also mentions that he may not be posting daily over the next few weeks due to his honeymoon and the need for work-life balance. However, he assures the viewers that he will still try to bring content as much as possible.

Sam’s Big News: Getting Married!

Sam, the popular finance YouTuber, has some exciting news to share with his followers. In a recent video, Sam announced that he is getting married!

“I have two big pieces of news here today,” Sam said. “And I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the market today, I don’t know what is happening because I am actually getting married here today. And there is now a Mrs. My Financial Friend.”

Sam went on to explain that while he doesn’t typically share much about his personal life on his channel, he wanted to give his followers this update. “I do like to give major, major updates at least, not the day-to-day,” he said.

No More Daily Posts

In addition to getting married, Sam also announced that he might not be posting daily over the next couple of weeks. This is a big change for Sam, who has posted a video every single day for over two years, no matter what.

“Whether I was sick with COVID, whether I was on vacation, I always posted,” Sam said. But now, he feels that it’s a good time to take a step back and focus on work-life balance.

While he won’t be posting every day, Sam assured his followers that he will still be bringing them content as much as possible. So be sure to stay tuned for more videos from Sam in the future!

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