Discover the Secret of Moonriver (movr) – Unlock the Truth Before You Make a Purchase!

In this video, Dreamhunter talks about his favorite project – Moon River, which he has covered on his crypto boss YouTube channel for a long time. Moon River is a testnet for the Moonbeam Network and its blockchain will be used extensively for the ecosystem. However, the project has a high inflation rate of 3-4% per month until all the coins are out, which could impact the price. Despite this, Dreamhunter believes the project will be huge in the future, potentially reaching $500 from its current $45 million market cap. Moon River is listed on various exchanges and is considered safe and secure.

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Moon River: Dreamhunter’s Favorite Project

Hello guys and welcome to Dreamhunter’s new video. In this video, I’m going to be talking about no other than my favorite project, Moon River. Base Moon River is my favorite project, and I’ve been covering it on my Crypto Boss YouTube channel for a very long time.

Functionality of Moon River

I love so much this project. It does so much. It’s basically a test net for a Moonbeam Network. So they are testing first the depths on the Moon River chain, and then once it’s tested that all works, then it’s gonna go to the main chain, which is mumbi. It’s something similar like basically kusama for polka dot because I’m as a test not as well for Poconos, so something similar to that. It’s gonna be used so much, it’s a blockchain so it’s going to be used so much for the ecosystem. So, I think it’s going to be huge in the next world.

It was 540 in the previous burden, and now it’s 750. It’s a ridiculous price in my opinion.

Economics of Moon River

Okay, let’s get into autoconomics, guys. It has one of the best economics out there. It has 10.6 million total supply and 6.1 million circulating supply. What you need to know about Modiver is that Modiver has 3 to 4 percent inflation per month. So until these coins don’t come out, it’s going to have 3 to 4 percent inflation every single month.

If you’re looking at now, let’s say if in six months times let’s say four as 24 and now let’s have six so it’s 80. So, 85 percent of the circulating supply will be out in the next six months. So, yes, the price is cheap at this point, but you need to consider these things as well that there is going to be another in the next six months another twenty-four percent of the coins going to come out, so it’s going to be still huge inflation for the project.

It is a great project, but I think that you can catch this even lower. I think even BTC is just a fake-out, so I think we haven’t found the bottom yet. So, I think you can still buy this movie at around five and six dollars, but even now, it’s not a bad buy, even though it’s not financial advice, and just, then it is your opinion.

Availability of the Project

So, let’s see where you can buy this project on a Binance School Coin Crack and Get Tire or by Bit to, like basically everywhere. So, it’s a great project at this point. It’s a 45 million dollar market cap, and a fully diluted market cap when all these 10.6 million coins gonna be out, then it will be 80 million with the current price, so it’s still a small market cap product, but it’s going to be huge as I said from 540 to seven dollars. I think it’s even now; it’s not a bad buy.

Comparative Advantage of Moon River

I want to show you guys what modular does and how successful it is compared to others as well. So, you can see here this information as well. On their Twitter account, para chains by number of protocols on pokolot and kusama so monitor is number one with 53 protocols, Moonbeam the main net has only 40 astar 33, this side then seven, and akala which is even bigger Market cut project demo River has has only six and so on so on so more river is going to be huge, guys, once all the depths are testing more River and everything, so it will be huge in the next world.

They have a decent following as well on their Twitter account, which is check check it out. They have updated so many things. They have 124 almost 125,000 followers on their chain. So as I said, it’s a sister change for the Moon River. The leading community-led a fully ethereum compatible power chain on kusama, so definitely chains are something that they’re gonna be used in the in the in the future like always.

Moon River’s Future Outlook

You can see what a big hype the most successful project in the previous Bulldog layer one and layer two solutions because there are so many transactions. Ethereum had so high fees, and obviously, you need to manage this huge amount of transactions that people generally generate that you need to make layer one layer two solutions in order to fast up to speed up these transactions and everything, and this is what this project does.

It’s going to be used insane in my opinion. So, you can see here when it was listed on binance; it was at five. It was the peak of its price two years ago in November it was five hundred and forty dollars, and ever since we had this big crash down and ever since then, we just basically going down, and as I said, I think we will still go down because of the inflation that the project has; there is still 40 of the tokens needs to come out is 60 is out.

So, it is a great project, but still so high inflation so I think you can catch this even at around five dollars. You can see here that we had these small pumps, but then again, as I said, inflation is pushing it down even though if Bitcoin recovered a little bit, not much but still, it’s still so high inflation.

You can see here that we had this dip to 585, and we managed to break above this previous high as well. We like the same as Bitcoin did, so this pump; I think it’s tank can tank to bitcoin, not to itself. So, if bitcoin drops back to like maybe 19K, it’s going to drop even lower than this, I think because even if bitcoin would be stable, let’s say to go sideways, like around 20K to go sideways for a month.

If Moon River has four percent deflation every month, it will still push down the price, so it will still go lower and lower until all the circulation is out. And then, I think it would turn bullish, not straight away, but then it would be like consolidation and then slowly as soon as the Bitcoin comes back and everything, then it will curve back up.


Guys, this is my favorite project. As I said, it’s gonna be huge. I think it’s gonna do at least I’m gonna come back to around 500. So imagine if it drops to five dollars and you buy up there, and then you wait for two years, and it does 100 x if you put only a thousand dollars, it would make you a hundred thousand if you put five thousand dollars, it would make you five hundred thousand dollars.

It’s listed on Binance. It’s a safe and secure project. So, I think it’s a no-brainer, in my opinion, but you guys need to do your research. This is my opinion about Murray’s favorite project. Guys, it’s gonna be huge.


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