Discover How to Locate 50-100X Altcoins with Moralis Money Guide – Easy Step by Step!

Morales Money is a tool designed to help traders make more gains by finding opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. The tool uses pre-made filters to search for coins that meet certain criteria such as an increase in on-chain buyers or a high security score. Users can also add their own filters to narrow down their search. Morales Money is designed to be simple and practical, with the goal of helping traders make money without being overwhelmed with information. The tool is constantly updating with new features and is useful for traders looking to capitalize on market opportunities.

Using Morales Money to Make Gains: A Practical Tutorial

All right guys welcome back! This is a very short and practical tutorial on how you can use Morales money to make more money. Because as you know, this tool is all about making more gains. It’s called Morales money for a reason because it makes you money. And as you know, we have been trading all coins since 2017 and we found many opportunities in the last able market. And now with this product, you can do the same – independently.

How to Use Morales Money

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Click on the pre-made filters

The first thing to do is to just click around on the pre-made filters. For example, click on the pre-made filter that specifies that you want to see all coins where the number of buyers on chain have increased by at least 100 this month.

Step 3 – Get a list of coins where the number of buyers have increased

Instantly, you get a list of coins where the number of buyers has increased by at least 100 this month. All on-chain buyers mean that someone bought it on the DEX.

Step 4 – Use Shields to Protect from Scams

You can see a shield beside every coin. The shield provides a security score, which Dex tools provide. It is a simple metric to protect users against scams. Green means it is likely not a rug pull, yellow is to be careful, and red means you need to be very careful.

Step 5 – Add More Filters

In the upper section of the Morales Money page, users can add more filters. Users can select any kind of metrics, and Morales Money is always adding new metrics.

Step 6 – Save Your Query

Users can save queries and filter them later as per the query terms. This way, you will always get the coins that meet your criteria.

Step 7 – Set Alerts

Users can set an alert and be notified by email or SMS about new coins that meet their criteria. It’s an excellent way to keep up with your strict criteria.


Morales Money is a reliable tool that helps users make gains independently. It is simple and practical, and users can use filters to get the best coins that meet their criteria. With the addition of setting alerts, this tool is complete and unbeatable in its niche. Try Morales Money today and see for yourself!

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