What’s the Latest on Celsius, Ripple XRP Lawsuit, and Voyager? Get Your Crypto Fix Now!

The Daily Crypto News discusses several important topics, including the ongoing Ripple versus SEC lawsuit and Binance’s plans to acquire Voyager Digital. Stuart Aldotti of Ripple defends the company against allegations of flouting SEC authority, stating that the SEC believes it has unchecked power. Additionally, the SEC objects to Binance US’s plans to acquire Voyager Digital, citing a lack of information about how the exchange can afford the deal. The video also covers a ruling by Judge Martin Glenn that declares crypto held in Celsius Network earn accounts as the property of Celsius, allowing the company to sell stable coins deposited by customers to generate liquidity.


Hey guys what is up it’s dusty here and welcome back to another episode of The Daily crypto news and honestly today there’s a lot of very important stuff that has happened.

Ripple vs SEC Lawsuit Update

First of all, let me show you guys a couple of tweets regarding the Ripple versus SEC lawsuit as I said earlier this also coincides a little bit with Sam Bateman Freed we have a little bit about Celsius as there’s a very big problem a multi-billion dollar problem.

SEC Objection to Binance’s Plans to Acquire Voyager

In regards to Voyager, the SEC objects Binance’s plans to acquire them to acquire Voyager Digital. Binance’s planned one billion dollar acquisition of insolvent cryptocurrency lender Voyager digital was ejected due to lack of sufficient information.

Celsius Network Update

There’s a new conclusion regarding Celsius Network. Judge Martin Glenn has officially ruled crypto held in Celsius Network earn accounts property of these Celsius at State and Grand Celsius permission to sell stable coins deposited by customers to generate liquidity additional liquidity will be necessary early this year.


Hopefully, you guys understand that now you can see David Adler also posting breaking news 45-page written decision just issued by Judge Glenn on earned ownership conclusion is that the earned crypto is property of the estate and that is very scary again.

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