Unleash the Mysteries of the Universe with Web3-Native Data Platform for High-Speed Data Queries

Space and Time, a Web 3 platform for smart contracts, has received a $20m investment from Microsoft’s venture arm, M12, and other well-known investors. Space and Time aims to make smart contracts smarter and expand the use cases of business logic through smart contracts through proof of SQL cryptography. The platform plans to hone in on Web3 gaming and D5 protocols and is built for multi-chained platforms for d-apps and developers. The platform seeks to improve tamper-proof blockchain security and enterprise scale by allowing verifiable results and outputs. Ultimately, the platform aims to innovate use cases for smart contracts and promote improved on-chain performance.

Introducing Space and Time

Everyone, today I’m super excited to talk about this next project called Space and Time. The reason I’m super excited about it is because they just announced a 20 million dollar investment from a bunch of well-known investors, most notably Microsoft’s Venture arm, M12.

The Allure of Space and Time

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies out there, and it’s great to see that they’re really thinking about the future. The future happens to be space and time and obviously, crypto blockchain. So let’s jump into some of the announcements.

Space and Time’s Website

Here’s their website, and it looks really cool. You can actually see all the different planets that are circling a polygon. They have received great coverage and have been on a lot of great blogs like TechCrunch, which is definitely cool.

Big News for Space and Time

As you can see here, Microsoft M12, that’s just their Venture arms, the name the 20 ml investment in Web 3 platform Space and Time. They detailed that Space and Time is a centralized data platform, and their mission is to make smart contracts smarter and expand the use cases of business logic through smart contracts. They will use Proof of SQL (Structured Query Language) cryptography to augment business logic and traditional centralized systems to be automated and connected directly to smart contracts.

The Future Path of Space and Time

Space and Time is honing in on Web3 gaming, D5 protocols. The platforms are indexed on major EVMS such as Polygon, Avalanche, and Ethereum. They are built from the ground up for a multi-chained platform for d-apps and developers in gaming D5, or any other project with next-gen analytics. Developers that want verifiable, tamper-proof blockchain security, or enterprise scale can easily build their D-apps on Space and Time.

Proof of SQL

The novel cryptography protocol allows the centralized data warehouse not only to return query results but also to return a snark (succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) cryptography proof, the data was not tampered with, and the query was executed. This is a great move for the web through the ecosystem that relies on centralized databases that could tamper with data.

Future Applications of Space and Time

Space and Time’s off-chain processing of data will directly reduce the cost associated with fully on-chain operations combined with the ability to connect analytical insights directly into smart contracts will enable innovation of use cases and business logic for smart contracts.

They even give an example for gaming. Proof of SQL allows end game results and in-game events to be directly verifiable by smart contracts. Game devs can offer incentives to players on-chain, build new interactives between the smart contracts and game servers with Space and Time as a trustless intermediary.


If you want to learn more about Space and Time, you should definitely check out their website, follow them on all platforms, and stay updated with all their progress.

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