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Ripple has formed new partnerships in France and Sweden despite the ongoing SEC lawsuit against them, which is significant as such partnerships can have a positive impact on the price of XRP. The cryptocurrency market is in a bear market, but Ripple’s ability to create new partnerships suggests that the company is still able to attract interest and investment. These partnerships could ultimately lead to increased adoption and use of XRP, enabling more people to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Despite Crypto Bear Market, Ripple Builds Partnerships in France and Sweden

The year 2018 has been a difficult one for cryptocurrency markets, with the value of digital currencies plummeting across the board. However, despite this challenging climate, Ripple Labs has been able to secure new partnerships in both France and Sweden. This is a positive sign for XRP investors, as it shows that Ripple is still making progress even in the face of adversity.

Ripple’s SEC Lawsuit

One of the biggest challenges facing Ripple Labs right now is the lawsuit brought against the company by the SEC. The SEC alleges that Ripple’s XRP token is actually a security and that the company has been engaged in the sale of unregistered securities. This has caused a great deal of uncertainty in the XRP community, as investors worry about the implications of the lawsuit.

New Partnerships

Despite the SEC lawsuit and the overall market downturn, Ripple Labs has managed to secure new partnerships in both France and Sweden. In France, Ripple has partnered with the financial services company Euro Exim Bank to facilitate cross-border payments. This is a significant partnership, as it demonstrates Ripple’s ability to provide real-world solutions for financial institutions.

In Sweden, Ripple has partnered with the cryptocurrency exchange BTCX to create a new trading platform. This partnership is significant because it shows that Ripple is still committed to the development of new products and services, even in the midst of a difficult market environment.

Price Action

The reason that these new partnerships are so important for XRP investors is that they have the potential to drive price action in the crypto markets. As more financial institutions adopt Ripple’s technology, there is a possibility that demand for XRP will increase. This could lead to a rise in the value of XRP, which would be good news for investors.


Despite the challenges posed by the SEC lawsuit and the broader market downturn, Ripple Labs is still making progress. The fact that the company has been able to secure new partnerships in both France and Sweden is a positive sign for XRP investors. If Ripple is able to continue building partnerships and expanding its reach, there is potential for the value of XRP to rise significantly in the future.

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