Discover the Cutting-Edge Crypto Created Exclusively for the Military: A Review of Constellation ISO20022

Constellation is a project that is considered to be among the ISO 20022 coins. This is a use case-driven project that securely processes and transfers large amounts of data. It uses directed acyclic graph technology, a reputation-based consensus called Proof of Reputable Observation, and machine learning models to ensure trustworthy nodes on its network. Constellation also has the world’s first DLT for big data and infinite scalability with its nonlinear architecture. The company has notable partnerships with the Department of Defense, the United States Air Force, Amazon Web Services, Dell, and Verizon, among others. Its market cap is around $93 million, and it has potential for growth in the next bull run.


Constellation is a lesser-known member of the ISO 20022 coin group, which has left many people wondering about its purpose. However, it has been securing massive government partnerships behind the scenes as data usage and storage continue to grow rapidly. Constellation aims to leverage the value of data in the future of the Internet of Things with its use case-driven project.

What is Constellation?

Constellation is a DAG-based project that securely processes and transfers large amounts of data. Its Hypergraph uses reputation-based consensus, allowing users to control all of their data from a single hub. It is the first distributed ledger technology (DLT) for big data, using machine learning models to ensure trustworthiness of network nodes. Its nonlinear architecture provides infinite scalability, allowing for soft and lite nodes for staking and liquidity provision.

Rumored to be ISO 20022-compliant

Although there is no official list of ISO 20022 coins, Constellation is rumored to be compliant based on its makeup and requirements of the new messaging protocol for financial services. It has notable partnerships with the Department of Defense, US Air Force, Amazon Web Services, Dell, and Verizon.

Tokenomics and Potential

Constellation has a market cap of only $93 million with approximately 1/3 of its total supply circulating. Its current price is around 7¢ with potential to rise in the next bull run due to its focus on real-world use cases and trustless cybersecurity. Constellation can handle 80,000 transactions per second without fees.


Constellation’s focus on securing data in the age of rapid growth and exponential data usage has enormous potential given the current macro climate. Its partnerships with government institutions and leading technology companies demonstrate its value and capacity for growth.

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